10 Advantages of Website Back-Up with CodeGuard

Website backup is an uncompromised feature that every website owner must incorporate for their website’s security and credibility. Reliable web hosting service providers offer website backup tools and solutions to customers along with their web hosting plans. 

There have been an increasing number of hacking cases and other online threats that compromise websites and their customers’ sensitive data. These threats attack the website to steal this information or make the website inaccessible to the customers through threats like DDoS attacks, which makes website security critical. But some malware and cyberattack might slip through your defences and attack your website, leading to loss of data.

In such situations, if you do not have a website backup readily available, it hampers your website’s credibility and leads to major financial and brand image loss since website downtime negatively affects customer experience and SEO performance.  

Therefore, if your website receives huge web traffic and conducts online financial transactions, you must proactively buy CodeGuard backup solutions to protect your website’s security from such unfortunate attacks and threats.

What is Code Guard Backup?

CodeGuard is an automated tool that makes website backup easy and feasible. It backs up your website’s data and employs an easy and seamless restoration process whenever required.

Moreover, CodeGuard consistently monitors your website. This daily monitoring ensures that even if your website undergoes a minor change, CodeGuard performs an update and saves the latest version of your website to the website backup copy. This way, if you encounter server failures, website crashes, or a security compromise, you can restore your website to the last stable version within a few minutes using your website backup. 

Another major advantage of CodeGuard is that it tracks your website’s activities regularly. It immediately informs you of the change and where the change occurred if it detects any irrelevant or suspicious website activity. 

This ability to perform intense monitoring, daily scans, suspicious activities detection, and easy restoration of the latest website version makes CodeGuard an effective online website backup solution. 

10 Benefits of CodeGuard Website Backup Solution

There are several advantages of backing up your website with CodeGuard Backup; they are as follows:

  • Automated Backup Solution

Backing up your website manually is a time-consuming and inefficient solution. CodeGuard, in contrast, regularly scans your website for any modifications or changes and offers an automated website backup solution. This means you need not set reminders or perform manual website backups, thus significantly reducing time and effort. 

  • Easy Website Backup Access

CodeGuard offers the facility of remotely accessing your website’s backup at any time from any location with ease through a cloud-based network. 

  • Cost-effective Backup Solution

When you perform manual backups, you need to buy expensive hardware and physical servers to store your website’s backup. CodeGuard, being a cloud-based solution, does not require you to invest in expensive servers, making it a cost-efficient website backup solution. 

  • Restore to the Last Stable Website Version

CodeGuard consistently takes backups and can provide the last stable version of your website at any point in time, thus offering the convenience of easy restorations via a disaster recovery mechanism. 

  • Security 

CodeGuard uses the AES 256-bit encryption technique to encode data; this is the gold standard in security mechanism, and you can be assured of the best and most advanced security for your website’s backup.

  • Receive Instant Notifications on Suspicious Activities

CodeGuard instantly alerts you of any anomalies or suspicious activities detected on your website. Such immediate notifications ensure that swift and prompt action can be initiated to eliminate the threats and secure your website data before it is compromised. 

  • Easy and Quick Restoration

Without a backup, you would have to build your website again from scratch in the unfortunate event that it gets compromised. This would cause website downtime and business loss. CodeGuard prevents this situation by offering consistent backups and quick and easy website restoration, so your website does not experience downtime and remains accessible to your customers.

  • Dashboard History Availability 

When you backup a website with CodeGuard, you can view additions, deletions, and modifications in the website’s version on the website dashboard. 

  • Improves SEO 

CodeGuard offers a higher uptime score, enhancing the website’s SEO performance and customer experience. 

  •  Better user experience

Since the CodeGuard backup solution allows quick website backup restoration with no downtime, your customers do not have to wait to use your website or receive a “Page not found” alert. Thus with high uptime, your website users and visitors experience an enhanced customer experience. 

Summing Up

It is beneficial to backup your website with an advanced and reliable backup tool, such as CodeGuard. It backups your website and offers enhanced security results. Buy CodeGuard backup solutions for your website’s security and performance today.