10 Best Korean Outfit for Women

Korean fashion is taking over the world nowadays. Talk about K- drama or K-pop music, Korean beauty products, or Korean fashion– Korean is increasing its global influence widely. We can bet you will find at least 4 BTS fans among every 10 people.

Specifically, women seem to put Korean skincare and fashion on the top of their favourites. Why won’t they be? Korean fashion can make you look gorgeous with its very simple, casual outfits. Most of their fashion looks are created to be worn as a comfortable dress. That is why we are going to talk about the 10 best Korean outfits for women.

  1. Oversized Cardigans

The Korean oversized Cardigan look is well-known as Grandma Chic style! Doesn’t it sound fun! Everyone is crazy about this. Not only does this Korean outfit make you look fantastic, but the oversized fit also gives you a relaxed and cosy feel. Wear an outfit which is shorter than the cardigan like, a hot pant and a tee or a short dress. Then just put on a suitable cardigan. It’s as easy as that– you are going to look damn cute with almost no effort.

  1. Ruffled Tops

Enough of wearing typically styled tops; it’s time to try something bold and creative. Ruffled Tops are an amazingly versatile piece of cloth that can give you both a professional or lazy look. You can pair them with everything like pants, jeans, skirts, anything. There are some Ruffled Tops which are not even tight fit! They can create such a beautiful movement with a pinch of femininity to any look.

  1. Turtleneck winter dress

You can gather as many ideas as possible from Korean fashion. They have never-ending stock! Everyone nowadays likes checkered shirts and dresses. But have you ever thought about a checkered turtleneck winter dress? If you notice carefully, you will see Korean women mostly prefer short dresses, but the necks are always short. Maybe keep that in mind, they have come with this amazing idea of a turtleneck winter dress. It will be a great and warm outfit on a winter night.

  1. Ruffled Skirt

You may have noticed that Korean fashion is all about pink and peach. But, they also can be a little outlandish. Ruffled skirts are nowadays trending on top in Korean fashion. We have a collection of different Korean skirts, but people tend to like the velvet ruffled skirts the most. Pair a ruffled skirt with a loose sweater or shirt, and start dazzling.

  1. Distressed jeans

The time had gone when skin-tight jeans pants were trendy. Nowadays, people are inspired by the oversized Korean fashion. Another amazing element of Korean style is distressed bootcut jeans. Sneakers with ankle socks will look perfect with distressed bootcut jeans. You may be a little surprised, but sneakers with ankle socks are actually trending!

You can pair the jeans with either a striped sweater or a graphic t-shirt– you will fit perfectly with the Korean fashion scene.

  1. Shirt Dress

Like we discussed before, Korean women like to show off their legs more than their cleavage, which is most opposite of western fashion. A shirt dress is one of the fantastic Korean outfits which can make you look sexy as well as cute. Shirt dresses are pretty amazing for summer fashion. A shirt dress with tinted eyeglasses and proper shoes is the best combination for smoothly sliding into Korean fashion.

  1. Puffer Jacket

Korea has the best collection of puffer jackets. The jackets are best to stand out in the crowd. Moreover, puffer jackets are now pretty popular; everyone wants to try it out. In this situation, you will find a massive collection of puffer jackets in Korean fashion. Turtle neck solid colour tops go best with the puffer jackets. Wear a black turtleneck short dress and put on a puffer jacket– it’s your day. Go out now and steal the thunder.

  1. Floral Long Maxi

Printed floral maxis are always a must-have item in Korean fashion. There are a variety of gorgeous designs available for the long maxis. They are quite comfortable and stunning dresses you can wear them either in a beach party or for a date. All you need to do is create a perfect look with them. Wear a beach hat with long maxi if you are going to a beach party. Combine large round earrings and a beautiful hairstyle with the piece of outfit if you are going on a date. Dive into Korean fashion and play with your looks

  1. High-waisted Mini Skirt

The high-waisted mini skirt is also one of the most seen Korean clothing. High waist bottom wears are very common in Korea. They like to touch oversized topwear into their high-waist bottom wear. There are different kinds of miniskirts available in Korean fashion. Wear a solid coloured top or sweater into your patterned skirt or tie a knot with your shirt and pair it with a solid coloured mini skirt– nail the outfit with your creativity.

  1. Casual blazer

Korean girls seem to enjoy wearing blazers even outside the office. They create an overall casual look with light-weight blazers and rock on the streets. Another noticeable thing about their blazers is their blazers are oversized or loose. Until now, you must have learned or noticed that Korean girls very much like to wear oversized clothes. The same goes for casual blazers. Try it out! Feel comfortable at the same time confident with the casual blazer style.


These are one of the best 10 Korean fashion trends enlisted, especially for you. The best part about all of the above dresses is, they are all effortless and look fabulous on everybody. You don’t have to think hard to put together an outfit. All you need to do is choose the right pair and correct accessories. And that’s super easy because most of the Korean outfits are amazingly versatile. Yishion SG has a more mind-blowing collection of Korean outfits; you may have been looking for.