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5 Things That Can Help You In Investing Your Film Industry

There are so many people around you who love to invest in trades, wholesale businesses, and many more. Some people invest their money to get a large amount of profit in terms of money from their respective field whereas, there...


Protecting the value of theme park rides

The standard ISO 55000 defines an Asset as an ‘…item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value to an organization’.   It goes on to define Asset Management as ‘...coordinated activity of an organization to realize value from assets’   Therefore, it...


Do you Need a Smart Watch

Smart wearable devices are divided into two types. One is smart watch and the other is smart band. And what kind of smart wearable device do you need? It depends on your needs. First of all, smart band and smart...


How to Manage Time in the CDS Exam?

The Combined Defense Service exam commonly known as CDS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. CDS exam is conducted twice in a year, CDS I in February and CDS II in September.  Lakhs of aspirants appear for...


Lottery Gambling In Indonesia

Indonesia is home to over 270 million people and many more come and go every year as tourists. Despite the heavy number of visitors and locals, the Indonesian government has been adamant about prohibiting any sort of gambling activities but...

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