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Sumo Entertainment JD3 and Fashion Modeling Tips

Sumo Entertainment JD3 published some valuable information for new models and people who wish to become professional models. Basically, what it all boils down to is learning the requirements of the modeling jobs that you want. The competitive nature of...


What is Mil-Spec paracord

Mil-Spec paracord is the  military grade paracord used by the US Army. It's used as survival gear and also for parachutes. There are different types of Mil-Spec paracords. The most common is Type III which there are 7 strands in...

Home improvement

Practical Tips for Home Maintenance

Your home is a significant investment. Protect your investment and get to know your home with these practical home maintenance tips. From simple outdoor cleaning to preventing air leaks around your windows and doors, it’s important to be proactive when...

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