3 Different Ways To Crowdfund For A Children’s Charity In Singapore

Money makes the world go round. Although it shouldn’t be seen as the only thing that can make us happy, it is still essential when it comes to supporting businesses and advocacies. You need money to build schools, companies, and families. Without money, many institutions would fail to continue their services and be forced into bankruptcy. To avoid such a thing from happening, a crowdfunding platform in Singapore would usually be used to post fundraisers to look for donations. In the current world we live in today, however, asking people to donate their money for a good cause doesn’t often work unless you give them something else in return.

A children’s charity in Singapore would need all the financial help they can get. With its primary purpose of helping the youth and struggling families, it’s vital that it gets the financial support that it needs. Children aren’t able to fend for themselves, especially those who don’t have families of their own, so being able to lend a hand by sparing a few dollars can aid their future. All it needs are willing donors, and the best way to encourage donations is by giving something in return. Here are some fundraiser ideas that can truly benefit a children’s charity.

Charity Concerts

Charity concerts are one of the best ways to get people to offer their cash upfront. Despite being the most expensive way to raise funds, it is still very effective in getting the job done when big names are hired to perform. When you announce that a famous singer, performer, or band will appear, people will happily offer their money in exchange for a ticket to see the show. The more people purchase a chance to attend the concert, the more donations will be made to the charity of choice. The attendees and guest stars will be delighted to know that they helped many children across the country.


A CSR program for children in Singapore can benefit from people willing to put themselves out there for the sake of donations. Unlike charity concerts, small performances by specific staff and employees cost less than hiring a big name. Whether it be an open mic event or a play with some of the children as cast members, offering an enjoyable performance for an audience that paid to be there can be an excellent way to get the funds needed for the charity. For the holidays, some companies would choose to record their employees singing their renditions of Christmas carols in exchange for money.

Desirable Products Or Services

Some fundraisers choose to advertise specific products and services. An example of this can be a particular service for children needing someone to talk to. Parents can be a bit difficult to open up to, especially regarding issues concerning your classmates, grades, or mental health. On the other hand, a stranger who is a trusted adult is more accessible to speak to about all this. They don’t know who you are and will surely give you the comfort you need when you feel like you have nobody else to turn to. Then the money that goes into paying for this service to become a reality will also be shared with a children’s charity that has a tax deduction for donation in Singapore.

To start a fundraiser that can help a children’s charity, visit Singapore Children’s Society today!