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3 Tips for Green Living at Home

It’s no secret humanity has hurt the planet, especially over the last few decades. Scientists are virtually unanimous on this point; we need to do better.

Luckily, green living isn’t just good for the environment. There are changes most people can make that will help them lead healthier lives, and often while saving money, all while helping do their part to save the planet.

Today we’ve got a few easy tips to help reduce your environmental impact. Without further delay, let’s get into it!

Reduce and Reuse, Not Just Recycle

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is a phrase most Americans have heard hundreds of times. While many people recycle, it is still pretty common for people not to fully internalize the other two parts of that famous environmental slogan.

Making an active effort to reduce your waste, not just recycle what waste you do produce, can really help the planet. There are helpful guides online outlining common sources of waste that you can learn to tackle so as to sharply reduce your environmental impact. One of the simplest changes is to start using reusable products when possible, such as with dishware and grocery bags.

Indoor Air Matters Too

You probably know you can’t just burn materials outside without consequence; those chemicals still float into the air and can have adverse environmental effects. So why do some people make the mistake of ignoring indoor air quality when considering how they’re impacting their environment?

Indoor air pollutants can have a host of negative side effects for those in a given space. On top of that, what pollutes the air indoors can potentially leak outdoors, which can hurt the surrounding area if enough homes are leaking particular pollutants.

Find a Sustainable Energy Solution

The United States is lagging behind when it comes to green energy. As many countries in Europe begin to clean up their acts, the United States has the vast majority of its power coming from coal or natural gas.

Unfortunately, coal burns dirty. Meanwhile, the extraction of natural gas comes with a host of environmental concerns. The good news is that wherever your local power grid gets its power, there are alternatives.

Sourcing your energy from a green source can sharply reduce your environmental impact and is easier than many realize. Home solar companies in your area can come to inspect your home and help you install solar panels so your power solution is partially or fully green! In many cases, you may end up saving large sums of money too, with some green solutions even making people’s power bills negative in ideal conditions.

Green Living Comes in Steps

It isn’t easy to just radically restructure your life all at once. Green living isn’t about becoming a perfect environmentalist overnight. Instead, it’s about making green changes over time and sticking with them.

Reducing your waste and recycling will help your wallet. Keeping your air clean will help your health (which not only makes you feel better but may help keep you out of expensive hospitals). Green energy helps in all sorts of ways, even often letting you keep the lights on even when the grid is down!

As a green solution becomes your new normal, you can try even more! Over time, your lifestyle will get greener and greener. The greener you get, the more you help the planet!