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4 Ways To Improve The Wall Colour

Purchased a new office space? But did you have any decoration ideas? You might have purchased the best office space from the https://cwtower.com/en/overview/ But it would help if you made it attractive and productive too. So, what steps should you follow next to make your office space productive? Let’s read the article till its end.

·      Improve The Wall Colour

The modern office buildings avoid the monochrome color palette in the office buildings. In that case, you can also opt for some vibrant color mixing instead of pure white or grey. You can also induce your brand’s color to improve the ambiance.

If your concern is making your office space employee-friendly, you can opt for different shades of blue and green. These colors are great for lessening the pressure on the eyes and are also less prone to stress.

·      Create Private Space

Open workspace is shared in most office buildings, which may hamper productivity. Cubicles can be a great saver for you. You need to install them to make sense of privacy for the employees. But make sure to choose low cubicles as the high ones can bring alienation to your workplace. At the same time, these may seem like private spaces for the employees and don’t hinder productivity.

·      Focus On Physical Comfort

As per the study, productivity also depends on the comfort level of any workspace. Nowadays, most work must be performed while sitting on a chair. So, the chair should fit the body of the employees perfectly. In that case, you can look for some ergonomic factors such as eye level, distance from the monitor, etc. In that case, you can opt for a light cushioned adjustable chair.

·      Don’t Use Workspace As Storage.

This is common to see the excess papers and office supplies stored in front of the office desk. But, you should make sure that the workspace doesn’t feel uninhibited for the employees. Instead, the office desk should be more than an empty canvas. Keep the personal items, photos, and other objects on another desk to keep the working desk free.


Potentially, an employee spends more than 30 hours a week in their office space. So, it would help if you made it work for you. Rather than making it too congested, keep it clear, clean, and attractive. As the employees are everything who can help your business grow, why don’t you care about them?