5 expert advices to choose the best lighting for your home

Lighting is one of the core décor choices while renovating or constructing the house. You may install as many lights as you want, but choosing right lights for specific rooms can save you cost, effort, and energy consumption. Adding lights can sometimes be a choice than necessity to enhance the beauty of the interiors.

We have a list of advices as suggested by reputed brands and interior designers; some of these also offer interior designer discount on their signature lights. A light must not only illuminate the room, but also beautify the looks and décor of the house. With endless varieties in the market, it is ok to be confused. Follow these tips to buy the best light for your house.

Top 5 tips to choose the best lighting for your home:

  • Play with electronic and natural light:

Natural light is the best light to have for various health reasons. Thus, you must fix lights in a way that after the sun set you get adequate and sufficient light only in respective rooms. Adding lights also add positivity in the rooms. Thus, have a perfect balance of electronic and natural light where possible.

  • Purpose of the lights:

Understand the purpose of the light. Are you searching lights for your study room or kitchen room? The types of lights may differ as per the room and purpose. Kitchen lights need to be brighter to cook and bedroom or washroom needs to have subtle lights.

  • Choose different lights for different rooms:

Browse through the different styles and types of lights. Choose between floor lamps, recessed lights, wall mount lights, table lamps, and more… Seek support from your interior designer as they know the best combinations of shades and colors that go well with walls and interiors.

  • Switch to statement lights:

Amidst the common and energy saving choices, also look for some unique and style statements for your room. Chandeliers are a good example to add luxury and grace in the room. These look amazing in living room.

  • Avoid stuffing the room with lights:

Although stylish lights look great in rooms but, stuffing or adding too many will only spoil the essence of it. Adding many lights can make people habitual of switching on all and increasing the energy usage.

Choose reliable and reputed brands for lights to stay longer with you; Look for interior designer discount as offered by some companies.