5 Ways to Work With Your Wedding Coordinator on Your Big Day

After months of preparing for your wedding, the big day has finally come! You wake up in the morning feeling excited and ready to kiss your soon-to-be spouse in front of many people. However, in the back of your mind, you’re worried about if the ceremony will go according to plan.

Here’s how to work with your wedding coordinator in Singapore on your wedding day to ease your worries.

1) Instructing Vendors

On your wedding day, the vendors, including the caterer, photographer, florist, and videographer, must know what they should do to make your wedding perfect. Luckily, the wedding coordinator will be there to guide them through the program and go according to your plans.

2) Assisting the Guest

Assisting the guest can be stressful for the bride and groom because they should focus on their wedding celebration. Once again, your wedding coordinator in Singapore can help the guests know their designated places at the reception and the event.

3) Bring Emergency Kit

It’s inevitable to experience minor problems on the wedding day. For instance, coffee spills on your dress or the heels break before walking the aisle. A wedding coordinator should bring an emergency kit, including band-aids, scotch tape, etc. So, remember to ask if they include this on the actual day package for your convenience.

4) Sticking to the Program Flow

Wedding planning services are different from your wedding day program preparation. Even though you’ve planned, you should still ensure that the wedding will go according to plan. To help you, look for a wedding coordinator to help you stick with the program flow.

5) Knowing the Logistics

It’s not easy to follow numbers or logistics on your wedding day, especially if you have many guests. Luckily, your wedding coordinator can ensure enough tables and chairs to accommodate all guests.

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