6 Questions to Ask Your Divorce or Family Lawyer in Singapore

You can find many divorce lawyers around the island. Some individuals poll their network and choose the first name that comes up. Others consult with lawyers they find online. According to a reasonable estimate, around 400 legal firms can handle the divorce procedure for you in Singapore.

4 Ways to Shortlist Your Divorce Lawyer

You may want to consult with a divorce lawyer who will walk you through and explain each stage of the divorce process. Furthermore, it is also best to evaluate which of the Singapore divorce types to begin the process with: contested or uncontested. It is especially crucial if the parties can agree on ancillary issues, including alimony, child, division of assets and custody, care, and control of the children. Here are four ways you can shortlist your divorce lawyer.

#1 Through Word-of-Mouth

The most popular and favoured method of locating a divorce lawyer is to ask your network for a referral to a reputable one. It makes sense since it is more reassuring to know that someone has previously had a positive experience with the lawyer.

Because the law is a personal service, your compatibility with the lawyer will influence your total pleasure. You may have to pay more as a recommendation than a walk-in customer. It depends on their policies regarding lawyer fees for divorce. Moreover, add a couple more lawyers to your shortlist just in case your initial choices fall through.

#2 Online Catalogues

There is an online directory with the best list of professional divorce lawyer prospects in Singapore. Examine the profiles and internet evaluations to learn which lawyer would work best for you. Fill out a contact form and send your inquiry to multiple appropriate divorce attorneys to save time.

#3 Advertisements

The legal business has its fair share of advertisements online and offline. Take your time looking over the profiles to determine if they appear like someone who can relate to you. However, there are fixed expenditures such as court filing fees. The low prices the lawyer asks for as fees for your divorce may be a ploy. They could be charging you for a relatively hands-off service in which they are unlikely to spend much time answering your inquiries.

#4 Legal Services Regulatory Authority

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority of Singapore maintains an up-to-date list of practising attorneys and legal firms. You probably will find the best divorce lawyer prospects around Singapore in their catalogue.



Questions to Ask Yourself & Your Lawyer Before Filing for Divorce

After you have narrowed down your options for the best divorce lawyer in Singapore for you, it is time to move forward with the procedure. You will contact the lawyer through email, phone, or appointment. Most lawyers are willing to provide a brief free first consultation for most divorce cases. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before proceeding with your divorce.

#1 What are the legal services you would need?

In essence, you should ask the lawyer how he would manage your case and what he will accomplish for you. Determine whether your case will require litigation or whether they will need to negotiate on your behalf. The divorce lawyer should explain the various steps of the Singapore divorce process. A qualified divorce lawyer should be able to provide you with pearls of wisdom gleaned from previous experience on how to conduct your divorce process.

#2 Is the person filing for divorce significant to the process?

If you file for divorce, you will be the Plaintiff. On the other hand, your spouse will be the Defendant. The paperwork filed in court will vary based on whether you are the Plaintiff or the Defendant. However, who files for divorce first has no bearing on the outcome of the ancillary proceedings.

#3 Do you have to communicate with your spouse before filing for divorce?

You are not required to consult with your spouse before filing for divorce. However, it is best if both parties agree on all the divorce conditions beforehand if you want to start the divorce process quickly. Furthermore, you will have to undergo mandatory mediation if there is a child under 21 if you file for a contested divorce, even with the best divorce lawyer in Singapore.

#4 How much will your divorce can potentially cost?

Divorce in Singapore can cost thousands of dollars, if not tens and hundreds. Moreover, the legal fees can begin at $3,500 if you achieve a settlement during mediation. The lawyer fees for divorce vary based on the experience of your selected lawyer.

#5 What should you bring to your consultation?

For your initial consultation with your family or divorce lawyer in Singapore, you must bring a copy of the following documents:

  • Marriage Licence;
  • Certificate of Birth;
  • Copy of NRIC or Passport
  • CPF Statement in the context of the public housing programme\

They may also want other information about you and your spouses, such as work, education, religion, and address. It is also best to prepare your thoughts on how the marriage ends and your claims on ancillary issues. If your husband challenges the divorce, the lawyer will also request that you produce financial documentation.

#6 If you want to remarry, how early can it be?

You can remarry as soon as you acquire Final Judgement from the court. For the Singapore court, the divorce process is final when you obtain the Certificate of Making Interim Judgement Final.

The court will issue the Final Judgement not less than three months following the Interim Judgement. You will be committing a criminal offence and might face jail time and a fine from the court if you remarry before receiving the Final Judgement.

Work with a Reliable & Professional Team

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