7 critical aspects of choosing a WordPress theme or template for your website

Selecting a WordPress theme while building a website isn’t always a task. But sidelining some key parameters may see you trailing behind others. Any business or an individual that has bought WordPress web hosting can make their website look great and have followers if they follow a simple 7-point checklist. Interested? Let us dig in to know the same.

1. Ensure the theme is aesthetic in nature 

A good looking website paves way for you to tell the story of your brand. Think of it this way- you’re talking about your products and services on the website and on the other hand, your customer is expecting more than just an information-based experience. What will enable you as a deployer of WordPress web hosting is the variety of eye pleasing WordPress themes that allow you to wow the customers. WordPress themes are known for a clean layout, great colour combination and splendid typography. So, while installing a WordPress theme make sure that it is the best of the lot in order to make the most out of it. 

  1. Should be relevant to the industry 

Looks should never compromise the relevance of the theme. Hence, maintaining categoric relevance is key. Aligning your theme with the business category is extremely important if you have to stand out among your competitors. Choosing a theme relevant to the industry also helps users to quickly identify what the website is about and reduces any chance for confusion. 


  1. Is compatible with every browser

Users have a fixed browser preference when it comes to browsing websites but with so many users worldwide, it would be very hard to pinpoint which one in particular. Some users prefer Chrome, whereas some prefer Internet Explorer. Similarly, some like Firefox or even Safari for that matter. Make sure before you launch your WordPress website, you have made your website compatible with every browser under the sun.

  1. Has zero security issues

Yes, security related issues do exist while choosing a theme. Allow us to shed light on the same- the file of your theme can get corrupted in case you use third party APIs which are not always safe. Moreover, even if you have unverified data within your database you are putting your website’s functionality at jeopardy. One way to ensure the safety of your WordPress theme is to trust the functions provided by WordPress. In addition to this, you can also check for user reviews and get a glance of their feedback about the themes. 

  1. Allows you to integrate various plugins and extensions

Extending  the functionality of the WordPress website is a must. Which is why WordPress allows you to integrate addons for SEO, social media, page load time etc. After buying a WordPress web hosting package, choosing a theme that eases integration with these addons will help you bolster overall performance of the website. Some rich extensions that will help you boost your website are- Schema for rich snippets, W3 total cache to enable caching in WordPress and Jetpack for overall performance. 

  1. Facilitates multilingual capability 

Since websites are visible to anyone and everyone, aligning the communication of your website with the user’s local language is a must. You never know which user will end up liking your service or product offerings only to buy your product and pave the way for a wider market opportunity. So, make sure your wordpress theme supports other languages as well. 

  1. Is responsive across platforms 

Gone are the days when any user will browse through desktops. Today, everyone browses on the go through smartphones, tablets, phablets etc. So,make sure your WordPress website supports all platforms and maintains a great user experience throughout all the platforms.

Along with these pointers, you must also think of other parameters such as support tools, page builders, simplicity of website (which you should consider while keeping the aesthetics in mind) in your list. This will more or less complete your list of must-haves for the theme after buying WordPress web hosting package. We hope that you have enough on your plate to get started off with a stellar theme. Till then, happy theme-hunting!