9 Tests Included In A Female Health Screening Package In Singapore

Have you ever thought of going to the doctor even if you do not feel pain in your body? It makes you confident in what you do and eat, knowing that nothing can harm your health. You will also know your limitations in medications, vitamins, and anything you want to take. But for people who feel something different in their bodies, there might be differences. You must book an appointment with your doctor to check if they see something with your health. And if you are a woman who has concerns with your body, search for women’s health screening packages in Singapore.


Searching for a female health screening package in Singapore shows that you are taking care of your health. Before getting it, you must know the tests included to ensure you choose the right one. Your health will be the first affected by your decisions, so choosing the correct one is necessary. So to help you find a health package, here are the services you might get:


Women’s health screening packages have different offers, but the common one is a medical consultation. It is the first step of the check-up, and it includes questions from your doctor to know your current situation. You can inform them what you feel, especially if you feel pain or discomfort anywhere in your body. This step is where you should tell everything to the specialist because they need to decide what test you must undergo.


For women who encounter something in their breasts, mammogram screening is one of the examinations you will have. This X-ray focuses on the breast to see if the person is experiencing signs of breast cancer. Early diagnosis helps in the overall treatment because you will have lesser tests, saving you time and money.


Aside from medical consultation, the patient will also get their height and weight checked. It is part of the female health screening package to see if the person is healthy. You will see a guide on weight and height to ensure that your body is within the target health range.


Aside from the breast, take care of your cervix too. And if you are looking for a test that can keep you away from cervical cancer and the like, a pap smear is what you need. It removes cancerous cells that could cause the ailment and ensure that it will not spread anywhere in your body. For people with infections in their bodies, this test also helps.


Women’s health screening packages also include chest X-rays where you will see your heart and lungs and if they are healthy. If there is anything unusual in those body parts, the doctor will know what kind of treatment you should have. This test checks the overall health, including the structure of your body parts.




Breast ultrasound, as the term states, focuses on the breast using sound waves. It checks the body part for swellings and tumours that could cause breast cancer or other health conditions. So even if you are not experiencing anything in your body, ensure that you check these parts to ensure that you are healthy.


Pelvic ultrasound is also the same procedure as breast ultrasound, but it focuses on a different body part. You can get this in a female health screening package to scan your uterus, cervix, and ovaries. It also checks lumps that could cause cancer and other severe medical conditions.


Even if you are not experiencing glaucoma, you may request this test to check your eyes and pressure. But for people with an eye condition, having this test is necessary to check if the treatment is working.


One of the tests you may also ask for is an audiometry test. This examination might not be part of a female health screening package, but you can request it. For people experiencing problems with their hearing, consider having this test.

These tests are not all part of a package, and you will see them in different offers. With this, choose a female health screening package in Singapore with the tests you need to keep you healthy. If there is a test you must have but is not part of the offer, you will have a separate payment for it.


Undergoing breast cancer screening in Singapore can be challenging, especially if you think of things that could change your life. Having the ailment already says something about your health, so ensure that you make it better instead of worsening it. Before your check-up, there are things you need to carry, and here are some of them:




  • HEALTH RECORDS is where the doctor will determine if you have past health conditions they need to monitor. It helps them decide before conducting another procedure included in your female health screening package. But even if you have this record, ensure that you are aware of your situation and explain other details that are not in the paper.
  • A HEALTH CARD is what can help with your financial needs to undergo the treatment. Many people do not have extra money for their health needs, so having health insurance is necessary.
  • You also need to take the MEDICINES YOU TAKE before your breast cancer screening because there might be medications that are not safe for your procedure. Let your medicines get checked by the doctor before undergoing any treatment.
  • A PEN is what you need to write down everything that the doctor will say about your health. Note all the essential parts of what they tackle, considering your health is the concern.
  • Before having your breast cancer screening, do not forget to have a LOVED ONE with you to give you support. It could be your family or friends, but it depends on who you are comfortable being with, especially if the topic is about your health.

Carrying these things will make check-ups easy because the doctor has the things they need to know more about your health. You will also not have issues answering questions because you have the records to help you see your situation. If you want to learn about health screening promotion, visit the website of Thomson Wellth Clinic.