A Basic Guide to Air Compressor Models at Shops in Singapore

An air compressor is a device that takes in atmospheric pressure and outputs high pressure. These powerful machines convert engine power into smaller potential energy in a smaller container to increase air pressure. Experts strongly advise consumers not to skimp and get the cheapest one available. You can buy an air compressor in Singapore or abroad in various sizes, types and pressure limits. It is common to find air compressors in industrial settings.

5 Basic Facts About Air Compressors

Industries that use an air compressor in and out of Singapore include aerospace, automotive, chemical manufacturing, electronics, food and beverage, manufacturing, hospitals/medical, mining, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and many others. You need to understand how it works and the most significant details regarding your machine to get the most out of it.

#1 Compressor Types

An air compressor’s primary function is to compress low-pressure ambient air, gases, or even vapour into a high pressure, store it in a container/vessel, and provide high-pressure air when needed. Various residential and industrial applications use this machine, and you can find several air compressor types available from a supplier in Singapore or abroad. Each compressed air system type is suitable for a specific application. They are:

●     Single-stage Piston

Most hardware and home improvement stores carry single-stage piston air compressors. This sort is often used at home or in workshops. They employ gasoline or electric engines to drive the piston, compressing the air before forcing it into storage tanks.

●     Two-stage Piston

This air compressor type uses two pistons and can supply more air volume at higher PSI levels. A two-stage piston air compressor from a supplier in Singapore or abroad is suitable for heavy-duty applications and simultaneously powering several pieces of equipment.

Other Compressor Types

An air compressor supplier in and out of Singapore also offers the two primary types in five subtypes. They are:

  • Stationary air compressors are sizable and perfect for use in a workshop. They feature excellent horsepower and big storage tanks, allowing usage for lengthy periods.
  • Portable air compressors include handles or wheels for convenient handling and transportation. They are suited for rapid and light applications.
  • Inflators are the smallest compressors and lack storage tanks. Their motor must constantly work to deliver air. Typically, inflators are for simple tasks such as inflating floats, tyres, and sporting equipment.
  • Some shops use a gasoline-powered air compressor for servicing clients in remote Singapore locations. This subtype does not require electricity to function and typically has higher horsepower than electric compressors.
  • Electric air compressors are the most popular subtype. These are low-maintenance types that run quietly and have a ready power source. They are best suited for usage at home or inside.

#2 Horsepower or HP Rating

Horsepower or HP ratings of an air compressor at shops in Singapore or abroad indicate the power output of the compressor engine. The higher the horsepower, the stronger the air pressure. Hence, the air compressor model can hold more air in the tank. It implies that your compressed air system can run air tools for an extended period. Call an air compressor mechanic or visit a repair shop in Singapore if your machine fails to fulfil its HP rating.

#3 Cubic-Feet per Minute or CFM Rating

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute and refers to the amount of air delivered by an air compressor at various PSI levels. It also aids in determining which tools your system can power. CFM increases as PSI production decreases. Remember that higher CFM ratings are better suited for heavy-duty applications when choosing air compressors. Your air compressor might need servicing from a reputable Singapore firm if it fails to reach a PSI.


#4 Features

There are several features to look for in an air compressor at shops in Singapore. Search and consider the following differences offered by various air compressor models from manufacturers.

  • Thermal protection aids in the safety of the motor against overload damage.
  • Oil-free pump reduces maintenance and eliminates oil in compressed air.
  • The belt-drive system enables system operation to be silent.
  • Adjustable exhaust allows you to guide the system’s exhaust away from your work area.
  • Multiple couplers enable multitasking by eliminating the need to connect and disengage tools.

#5 Basic Maintenance

The longevity of your equipment, whether an air compressor or another machine, is determined by how effectively you maintain it. Observing fundamental maintenance procedures will prevent you from constantly bringing your air compressor to a repair shop in Singapore. The following are a few critical primary actions that will help extend the life of your air compressor.

  1. Open the moisture release valve to prevent the device from rusting after each use.
  2. Regularly inspect its components and valves.
  3. Ensure the air fillers are functioning and are in good shape.
  4. Inspect and repair any damage you notice on the hoses.
  5. Check that the safety valve of your air compressor is in good working order.
  6. Lubricate the compressor regularly.
  7. Regularly clean the fuel tank.

Air compressors are extremely helpful in both residential and industrial applications. Suppliers and manufacturers classify air compressors according to their output pressure, design, and operating principle. Selecting the best equipment for you will be easier if you grasp the primary fundamental facts regarding air compressors. Stay on track with your needs to pick out the most appropriate compressed air system. Thoroughly research the brands and models you are considering to determine the best air compressor from any supplier in Singapore that can power your air tools. Various air compressors can power residential and industrial devices depending on their size. Some tools that need compressors are impact wrenches, air hammers, rotary tools, ratchets, sprayers, and more.

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