A Fine Solution for Polished Plastering

Depending on the style of the decoration of our house, we will choose the one that is most interesting and supports our aesthetic choice. For example, Venetian marble effect polished plastering will be perfect to decorate a wall, columns or cornices in a classic style setting. Its shiny finish matches perfectly with more traditional and classic furniture, giving a refined and sophisticated look to the room. 

The Best Choices for Polished Plastering

For its part, the polished plastering is ideal for rustic, ethnic or vintage interiors, because it allows you to engrave motifs typical of these styles, giving it a unique and very personal touch. The third and last place, the plaster effect polished plastering is the most common in more modern, Nordic and urban settings, due to its versatility and the neutral color palette used. Gray or sand tones perfectly imitate the color of cement and give it a minimalist air, which combined with white and light tones offer bright and clean interiors. Go for the cheap polished plaster london now.

  • The polished plastering application process starts from a smooth base on which to start working, on which several layers of polished plastering (about 3 or 4) will be applied with a long spatula or trowel in a zig-zag pattern. Next, the surface will be polished and waxed. Although it is a very resistant and clean material, it is recommended to carry out a complete cleaning of the walls where it has been applied at least every two years. To make it, we will use hot water and degreaser. It is also recommended to re-wax the coated surface in order to restore its initial splendor and protect it from bumps and scratches. For your regular maintenance, there is nothing better than a cloth dampened in a solution of warm water and neutral soap.

The Best Advantages

Some of the advantages of polished plastering, apart from its obvious attractiveness and the beauty of its finishes, is its already mentioned, high resistance to wear. The products used to make this type of coverings are breathable and therefore prevent the appearance of mold and bacteria in humid places. Currently, there are already premixed products with which we can make an equally attractive and resistant polished plastering.

The Fine Mixture

This mixture is formed from an emulsion of latex polymers, water premixed with industrial color pigments, lime or plaster, and a pigment mixture applied by the specialist and white Portland cement. In that way, it is much easier to apply it because it adheres better to the wall and the final appearance is still fantastic. In this case, the polishing is carried out with beeswax and a polishing machine, finishing the process with a wool cloth, which will be the one that brings luster and shine to the polished plastering wall.

This decorative technique for walls can be done by yourself at home, although we recommend that you leave it in the hands of a professional. It will take full advantage of the material and will achieve surprising results for the interiors of your home, office or commercial establishment.