A Review of the Gingival Flap Procedure in Fontana

The gingival flap procedure, also known as flap surgery or periodontal flap surgery, is a common surgical technique used to treat advanced gum disease and restore patients’ gum health. The procedure is often recommended when non-surgical treatments such as scaling and root planing cannot address deep pockets and severe gum tissue recession. This article provides an overview of the gingival flap procedure done at dental practice in Fontana, its indications, methodology, and pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative patient management.

Why is the Gingival Flap Procedure Performed?

The gingival flap procedure is employed to treat advanced gum disease, called periodontitis. It is indicated as a comprehensive intervention when non-surgical root debridement, or scaling and root planing, is inadequate due to the inadequacy of pocket depth reduction.

What is the Gingival Flap Procedure?

Bone grafts or tissue grafts when needed also promote healing and regenerate lost bone or gum tissue. Also, free gingival grafts are sometimes incorporated to increase the zone of available attached gingiva. The procedure involves several steps as follows: preparation by cleaning the teeth and gums extensively and applying local anesthesia to numb the area; creation of the flap, or small incisions into the gums, lifting the flap away from the teeth and bone; cleaning the roots by accessing the tooth roots and the surrounding bone with special instruments; placing the graft in case required above flaps, repositioning the flap after thoroughly cleaned bone and roots. Also, the flap is sutured back into place. 

Pain, swelling, and oozing from the gums; dental patients should take prescribed painkillers and apply ice packs. Foods should be soft for a few days to put the least pressure on the gums. Antibiotics and antimicrobial mouth rinses may be advised. Significant signs of the surgical site must be followed up with a dentist or periodontist to monitor recovery.

As a result, it can be concluded that the gingival flap is an effective surgical approach to treating severe gum diseases and improving gum health. This is due to the fact that this surgical procedure involves raising the gums, cleaning the tooth roots and the adjacent bone, and stimulating healing and new tissue formation. In particular, by undertaking a gingival flap, you can stop the progression of severe gum diseases and retain your teeth and support tissue. Therefore, if you have been suffering from a severe form of periodontal disease mentioned above, a gingival flap may be an ideal solution.