A Step-By-Step Guide To Buy Diamond Ring In Your Budget

You must have heard so many phrases about diamonds such as they are a girl’s best friend, they last forever, they speak louder than words, and so on. These are not just clichéd sayings, they mean something. The fact remains true for various kinds of diamond jewellery, from diamond necklaces to diamond-studded earrings and even the diamond rings. Now when we talk of diamond rings, it can be for various reasons like to make a promise of commitment or to show some self-love. Diamond ring price differ based on multiple factors. But is having enough money the only criteria needed to check before buying?

No, buying a diamond is a process that involves research, knowledge, and comparison. Only then you can make a choice which you won’t regret later. In the whole excitement of buying, people forget to follow the proper way of purchasing and later regret the investment. This article will discuss a step-by-step guide on how to buy a diamond ring.

Step 1 – Choose a diamond shape

Diamond is the heart of a diamond ring. Hence, you must be sure about which shape of diamond you want. There is nothing like one shape is better than others, it all depends on your likes and dislikes. Round-shaped diamonds are popularly preferred for engagement rings. Other preferred shapes are oval and cushion cut. Select a shape at the beginning of your search for a diamond ring, and this will make the task easier.

Step 2 – Choose a carat weight 

Carat is one of the most important Cs in the 4C’s of diamonds. It is the unit in which diamonds are weighed. Higher the carat, higher is the price of the diamond ring. Carat weight also impacts the size of the diamond. You can find a chart of carat and size online if you want to be well-informed about the different carat options available before selecting one.

Step 3 – Narrow down on the quality of cut 

The cut of the diamond impacts its glaze and shine. Naturally, you don’t want to invest in a low-quality diamond. Hence, paying attention to the quality of the cut is important.

Step 4 – Select colour range

Remember a simple tip here, while choosing a diamond ring go for the one that has the whitest diamond in it. Also, narrow down on the meat body of the ring; choose whether you want yellow gold, rose gold or platinum.

Step 5 – Select clarity grade

Clarity means a clean crystal diamond that is without any blemishes and inclusions. Based on the shape of the diamonds, you can check the clarity grade of the diamond ring.

Step 6 – Check for certification

The diamond in the diamond ring you are buying should be certified to avoid a duplicate or a low-grade diamond. Prefer the one with GIA certification as it has rigid testing parameters.

Step 7 – Stick to your budget

Experimenting with larger carat and size can lead to unwanted spending. Hence, it is necessary to set a budget before comparing all the options. Try to stick to the set budget while purchasing a ring as the diamond ring price differs from one brand to the other.