Applying for a job: tips on how to make a great CV

Are you looking for a job now? You are full of talent, dynamic and highly motivated? The Internet can of course be a wonderful springboard for your career. With many CV builders online, you can create a CV quickly, in minutes. Also, you can give references to impress recruiters. But how to do that in order to make you stand out from other candidates?

Here are our top tips for making an online resume that will make recruiters want to call you for an interview right away.

General advice for a good CV

Your CV, of course, is decisive: the recruiter will go through it in a few short moments (he will spend between 6 and 40 seconds only). That’s why it is important to create a CV online that is both serious and attractive. For instance, you can make a CV with CV Creator.

But it is on this piece of paper that your destiny will be played out! Needless to say that whatever piece of paper there is, your CV must attract the recruiters’ eye and you must pamper it with incredible care.

Why is it advantageous to list your references and add your social networks on your resume?

When you are looking for a job, it has practically become imperative to build your professional presence on the internet today. By using professional social networks, and also by creating a digital CV, you can easily attract recruiters’ attention.

Recruiters and headhunters will automatically type your name into Google. In addition to your Viadeo or LinkedIn accounts, it is therefore useful for them to find you online, associated with a neat and professional website, of which you have total control.

The web offers increased possibilities (documents, hypertext links, images, videos …) which can allow you to make a difference on the job market. It would be a shame to do without.

That’s why it is highly recommended to list references on your resume to support your work.