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Are emotional support animals allowed in a rental property?

This is entirely a matter of personal choice and may vary from person to person. Most of the rental property owners provide their tenants with “No Pet’ policy. While this may initially be okay, it may be surprising for many to know that a lot of these homeowners do not allow emotional support animals too.

Emotional support animals, may supersede the No Pet’ policy in some cases because these animals are not necessarily considered to be pets. A service animal is not your pet, you may need to pay an extra rent, or pet deposit.

It is necessary to know the laws of your state so that you can make a better decision. However, in most cases, homeowners have the liability to reject animals that may be a direct threat to the property and safety of others around. The breed and size of the animal matters but if the animal hampers the safety, they will not be allowed.

Can homeowners reject emotional support animals?

Yes, they can but they need to have valid reasons for that. Some of the conditions under which they can reject include the following

  • A building with four families
  • Single family homes that is not purchased via a real estate agent
  • Housing organization’s

The Baudinet maisons luxueuses allow the emotional support animals but proper proofs must be given.

  • Emotional support animals and service animals

Both of them are confused, but it is necessary to know that emotional support animals aren’t service animals. The assistant animals are usually required to do a specific task for disabled people. However, on the other hand, these emotional support animals are animals that help a particular person to cope up with the mental conditions, and helps to alleviate their mood.

The emotional support animals do come with particular legal protections which needs to be followed by the owner of the animals. It is necessary to submit acceptable reasons to allow the emotional support animals to be with you, irrespective of the pet policy. It is necessary to register your animals as emotional support even if you haven’t been diagnosed by any mental illness.

The landlords should know that they can never charge their tenants pet fees while allowing the emotional support animals. Since they are a kind of medical support, it is necessary to offer proper support so that they do not charge you any extra fees. An emotional support animal should be free of pet rents and deposits.