Basic Equipment You Need for Your First Horse

Having a horse is indeed one of the best decisions that will benefit you in the long run. However, there is more than one responsibility that comes into consideration after when you buy a new horse.

Believe it or not, but buying a horse is just similar to like buying a new car. There are a lot more things to consider if only you have a horse. Apart from all this, the owner also has to pay attention to the maintenance work at the same time.

Once you get a new horse, there is not one or two, but a lot of things and pieces of equipment so that you can care for your horse properly.

Here, in this article, you will get to know the basic equipment you need for your first horse.

  • Feeding Equipment

The horse is no doubt a living creature who depends on the foodstuffs for its survival which we all know for sure. Hence, just like your pet dogs or cats, you need feeding equipment for your horse as well.

If you have not more than one horse, then a feeding pan for an individual feeding will surely work in this case. Whereas on the other hand, if you got more than one horse, then a feeding container is what you should and must look for.

Last but of course not least, large buckets or a small bucket for water is indeed a yes. Other than this, purchasing food or a meal for your horse is the next and most important thing to take into consideration. But that is not what you must look for, instead of which, good food is crucial!

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  • Handling and Grooming

After feeding and diet of your horse, handling and grooming are yet another factor to take into consideration.

Grooming equipment such as Halter, Body brush, Hoof pick and many more. Apart from all this, you might also need a sweat sheet if needed. Although, in most of the case, you might need a sweat sheet only in summer seasons and hot days.

When it is chilling and freezing outside, the horse might require weather protective tools and equipment that protects them from freezing. A horse blanket for the cold weather will work in this case.

An insect repellent (most of the time also known as a fly repellent) is a must in order to maintain the health and also the hygiene of the horse stable.

  • Riding

Before even buying a new horse, consider buying a saddle that perfectly fits your horse. You must get a saddle with perfect fitting. An Equestrian saddle will work in this case.

Helmets, not to forget mentioning that helmet is yet another crucial equipment that will provide you safety while riding the horse.

For protecting your legs especially, the toe region, search for horse riding boots on the stores such as discount equestrian.