If your child is naturally interested in treasure hunting, then here are some tips for you. When you start this game for the first time, once you complete this game successfully, you will play this game repeatedly with your kids. Long walks in nature with your child during your trip may be boring for your kid, but geocaching keeps your child engaged, and entertained and they will demand you to play this game again. Exploring local areas and the park is a really fun way to give your kids a focused treasure hunting game. Here there is a lot of information mentioned about providing worthy geocaching to your kid. Have a look at: geocaching kinder


When you start geocaching, you will get amazed at the detaining information and method there about whether it was feasible for toddlers. You may get confused about the GPS, but give it a try it will be very much easier and more fun filed than your imagination.


  • This guide to Geocaching with kids is aimed at helping everyone looking for a fun innovative outdoor game for you to get your kids out and engaged. This is can be played by all ages kids.
  • You can experience the outdoor fun game with technology.


  • It is a GPS-enabled device for a really fun outdoor treasure hunt game.
  • Contestants move in a specific direction to find the treasure using GPS.
  • Currently, there are more than 12 “cache types” in geocaching and every model represents a variety of game tricks.
  • It may differ in size and looks. From large size, transparent plastic boxes to film holders to fake rocks with hidden partitions.
  • It can be in various sizes, it will be easily handy for kids.
  • It always maintains a register in a simple format, in that you can note down all the names and discovery dates.
  • The larger cache can also comprise many numbers of items, gadgets, mementos, and more.
  • Based on geocaching protocol, you can retrieve items from the memory whenever you need them, as long as you have something of equal or great importance in that spot.
  • Even though you think to go for a better place, the cache back as you found it, once you finished.
  • The basic requirement for getting this geocaching is you need a Smartphone, a geocaching free account in your name, and an enthusiasm for adventure.
  • Geocaching is ubiquitous, great for the whole family, low entry, and great budget-friendly activity.


  •  Download the application on your mobile from the play store. Create an account for yourself in that application; it is free of cost.
  • You will be provided with all the tutorial videos to use the application, also it has a sample video for the treasure hunting game.
  • If you’re geocaching with a young child, the free version is best, as you get a geocache only. This will be easy t use and assess.
  • When you open this app this will guide you to all the nearby geocaching using GPS.
  • Go to the place where you are playing the game, click on the start button and get navigation from the application.
  • Search them by tracing the path and get the caches.