Being a bad manager can lead to high employee turnover

Managers are the biggest influencers in the workplace. They are supposed to inspire, mentor, and lead by example. However, in the current job market, managers are the reasons behind high employee turnover.  Today, it is almost impossible to mention bad manager high turnover as separate terms. Terrible managers frustrate their employees, which only leads to employees leaving. Studies have found that employees quit their jobs due to poor management.

Instead of paying attention to employee engagement & retention, managers often focus on hiring, which leads to an insecurity among the present employees. So, why is the turnover so high? Here is what you could be doing wrong and how you can effectively control it.

You are hiring too many minimum income employees

Hiring too many fresh graduates because they will accept your salary range is one great mistake most managers make. Students get tired quickly, and many are too ambitious and aggressive to stay in a job paying minimum wage. The level of education, skills, and experience must be prioritized. Managers tend to offer low wages to new employees, ignoring their expertise and talent. Such employees are likely to feel undervalued and may exit to find better-paying jobs.

You are not offering your employees a chance to grow to their personal brand

Bad managers and leaders often feel insecure and fear being replaced by the juniors. Bad managers would rather keep their employees stuck in the same position they were in five years ago than encourage, mentor, and support their personal brands. Ambitious employees who have goals and know what they want are likely to quit sooner than expected to look for greener pastures. You can counter this by developing programs that will help grow your team’s skills. Who knows, you may end up gaining more than you thought you would lose.

Your competitors have better offers

Working means getting paid, and when it comes to work, very many offers come into mind. Excellent salary, flexible schedules, promotion and salary increment, allowances, and other perks that accompany an employee. It is expected that employees are willing to quit their positions if offered better deals by your competitor. After all, they have nothing to lose. Therefore, it’s prudent to give your employees the best, so that they lack a reason to leave.

You are hiring entry-level staff

Hiring entry-level staff goes hand in hand with hiring entry-level wages. That means you are recruiting youths to your team. Regardless of the nature of your business, young employees have entirely different goals from your company. Many of the entry-level employees are never settled and are always looking for jobs elsewhere. It’s difficult to retain and control such a workforce. If you don’t mix value, experience, and talent, you may just be one of the most significant contributors to bad manager high turnover statistics.