Benefits of Different Dental Implant Materials 

Dental implants have significantly reduced the usage of traditional methods and are becoming a thriving market. People in Torrance, CA, value their overall well-being, and dental care, being a part of it, needs to be taken care of, too. As much as it is essential to give importance to other aspects of your health, dental care cannot be overlooked. Dental implant implants are used to replace missing teeth and give people the confidence to flaunt their smiles without hesitation. 

There are different materials used in dental implants, and they determine the longevity of your implant. Therefore, it is essential to know how different materials provide benefits and how they differ in terms of quality. Reach out to a general dentist in Torrance, CA, and get started with the procedure. 

Let us look at the benefits provided by different materials: 

  • Zirconia gives an aesthetic appeal

This material provides a natural look to the teeth and makes the color look exactly like your teeth. Many patients have this concern that dental implants might make the appearance of teeth unnatural; however, if you choose a suitable material and quality, you can be assured that the replacement will only look natural and will give you the confidence to flaunt them. 

  • Providing longevity and strength to the implants

Titanium is a material that provides strength to your implants; they do not wither or tear if there is strong chewing force applied to them. They are good if you love to eat solid food or if your diet includes a lot of it. Another material is zirconia, which again provides strength. However, they might be a little less in strength than titanium.

  • Safeguarding your implants from corrosion 

Titanium provides resistance to your teeth, and they do not get corroded easily. In this way, they ensure that your dental implants last long and are able to bear the harsh conditions of your mouth. Zirconia provides more resistance to corrosion than titanium does. They offer excellent durability and longevity in terms of corrosion. 

  • Reducing bacterial growth and plaque

With time, plaque can accumulate in teeth and can increase the chances of bacterial growth. It needs to be prevented as it can cause severe harm to your teeth and surrounding tissues as well. Advances in titanium surface treatment can help fight this. Moreover, in the case of zirconia, the same can be applied. It will safeguard your dental health and prevent any possible harm. 

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