Best Bits Of Technology On The Market Right Now For Your Smarthome?

Smarthomes have been something that we have all been interested in moving our house towards, but it has always been something that has been on the high end of the budget and unaffordable. However, as technology has evolved and become so impressive and affordable, it has ensured that more of us have been able to invest in our smarthome set up. Due to this, we thought we’d investigate some of the best bits of technology on the market right now for your smarthome.

[Image: The Verge]

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One of the easiest and simplest ways to start getting that smarthome feel around your house is by purchasing a smart speaker which can be the hub of your whole smarthome and ensure that you can power your whole house using your smart speaker. Due to how popular that they have become, the competition has driven down the prices so they are affordable, and they can help you turn on your light, adjust your heating, play music, and set reminders all with your voice.

Another great way in which you can get that smart home feel about your home is using a smart doorbell. These were one of the first products on the market that were an affordable form of smart devices for your home. Not only do they work as a standard doorbell, but they have a HD camera on them so that you can see who is always at your front door, but you are also able to talk to them through a built-in microphone which is so convenient if you are out of your home and a delivery driver is there so you can tell them where to leave a parcel. 

And finally, having all your external doors on your house hooked up to smart locks is another great way to turn your home into a smarthome as it means that you can lock your door from wherever you please. What this mean is, if you have left your house, and think you’ve forgotten to lock the door then you can do it, or even lock your bed, it is that easy and quite affordable also.