Best Up-Keep Products For Manufactured Homes


There are many benefits to owning a manufactured or mobile home. They are often cheaper to purchase and cheaper to maintain. And if you buy them brand new you get to basically choose exactly how you want your house. After the purchase is made and the mobile home is owned how can you ensure that your mobile home lasts a long time and stays in good shape? Keeping your home up to date is as simple as replacing worn parts with parts from manufactured home distributor supplies. Maintaining your mobile home comes down to a few simple tricks and paying attention to a few major parts of your home.

Is it Leveled?

The most important part of keeping your home maintained is ensuring that it is leveled. An un-level home puts unnecessary stress on the plumbing underneath the home. Along with that, it can cause other small problems like a door that doesn’t latch correctly, windows that are leaky, and stress on the flooring. The world is constantly shifting and shaping so you need to inspect your home annually to ensure that it is level. Some mobile homeowners build a small shelf in an inconspicuous place and literally leave a level on it. Then they can know immediately if the bubble starts to drift to one side or the other than they need to adjust their home. Making sure that your home is level is crucial for maintenance.

Is the Roof in Good Shape?

The roof is crucial in maintaining your mobile home. A small leak in a roof can cause huge problems. Mold can develop in the attic and leaks can cause problems within the walls. Just like a stick-built home the roof of a home needs to be maintained every now and then. So every year just be sure to check your roof. Make sure the wind and elements haven’t caused too much damage to the roofing products and patch anywhere that needs to be patched. Save up your money so every 5 or 6 years you can have it re-roofed.

Inspect Annually

Every single year you need to check on your house. Crawl under your mobile homes crawl space and get a ladder up to the roof. Clean out the gutters, check the house is level and reorganize rooms. This way you can be sure that you are aware of any issues that could be going on. Mobile homes can get damaged very quickly. It will be essential to keep an eye on everything going on with your mobile home by checking all parts of it annually and replacing needed parts with manufactured home distributor supplies.

Skirting Quality

The skirting quality of your mobile home can also be crucial to ensuring that you are maintaining your home. Just like how your attic can develop mold, your crawlspace can as well. So be sure that your skirting is in good shape and has the proper ventilation. Doing so can also help lower your heating and cooling costs. Always check under your home for any issues. It is also a good idea to bug bombs under their once a year as well to help cut down on the spiders in your home. Maintain the skirting of your home to keep your mobile home in good shape.


Maintaining your mobile home can be crucial to keeping up with your home and ensuring it lasts a long time. There are many ways to keep your home up to date by checking it annually. Ensure the roof, skirting and interior of the home are consistently in good shape.