Binary Option Strategy

Binary options strategies are a set of aspects that you can take into consideration to make your investment more profitable. It is also important to remind you that binary options are investment systems that look at the rise or fall in the price of assets that are listed on the stock market during a specific time.

When performing operations with binary options, a series of strategies that give the investor more clarity to apply the process must be taken into account. However, it is necessary to select the ones that are most convenient in all operations, since all of them have different forms that make them more efficient in each operation and phase of the process.

It is important to remember that none of them guarantees for itself the success of an operation since everything depends on the moment in which they are used and the conditions.

Strategies with technical analysis in binary options

Since we already know what is a binary options strategy, one of the main characteristics of binary options strategies in the area of ​​technical analysis is the use of technical indicators and oscillators that allow the execution of a profitable negotiation process based on a system. In this sense, we find one of the strategies:

60-Second Strategy Or Scalping In Binary Options

This is one of the simplest but most chosen strategies to carry out. It can be used for 60 to 300 seconds.

How does it work? Its employability consists of a simple process, which, although it has a high risk if we do it correctly and with practice, it will allow us to reduce the levels of risk. What we must do is that when we find 3 to 5 candlesticks which are outside the Bollinger bands, we have a sign of contrasts. This is because 3 candles are high risk, 4 is medium risk, and 5 is low risk, then, the greater the number of candles, the lower the risk. With this binary strategy, we must wait for the candles in the same trend to close outside of The Bollinger Band Given this, we expect the possible setback, and we will perform an operation that goes against the trend.