Choose the Proper Tint for Your Shades

If you decide to find the best pair of sunglasses based on colour, you should know that you could do the worst thing. Generally, a tint will not provide you with proper protection against UV radiation, which is why you should check the label beforehand.

During a manufacturing process, most lenses will have to undergo UV treatment with radiation-absorbing chemicals to block the harmful rays. Since the chemicals do not come with colours, even clear lenses can help you prevent UV rays the same way as dark tints.

Now, you are probably asking why sunglasses feature tint, which we will explore in the further article.

The Main Purpose of Tints

It would be best if you remembered that tint coulddeal with light in different ways than UV absorbing chemicals. Of course, some tint colours will provide you better efficiency than others will, which is why you should learn everything about them.

Some of them can help you distort colours, while others will enhance them. At the same time, they can also boost your visual clarity in specific conditions and situations.

Even though you may check out a tint colour first before choosing the right pair, you should know that the type depends on your daily habits and lifestyle.

Different Tint Options

  • Grey – One of the most popular options that will help you perceive pure colours without distorting them is grey. At the same time, it is effective for handling significant glare and brightness. You should choose this particular option if you enjoy outdoor sports such as cycling, running and golfing. You can find Oakley Sunglasses with this particular tint colour, which is something you should check out.
  • Orange/Yellow –Getting orange and yellow ones will help you increase overall contrast in low-light conditions such as fog and hazy areas. Remember that they can make objects outdoors and indoors look much sharper, but they distort colours as well. You can choose this particular combination if you wish to enjoy indoor ball sports and snow activities. On the other hand, it is also helpful during night-time because it will increase contrast sensitivity.
  • Amber/Brown – Brown and amber are perfect for blocking blue light and glare. It is a great way to brighten your vision, increase overall visual acuity, and contrast during cloudy days. This is especially effective against blue and green backgrounds such as sky and grass. It would be best to get brown and amber for golf, baseball, fishing, cycling, water sports, and hunting.
  • Green – If you wish to reduce a small percentage of glare and blue light, you should choose green while obtaining effective visual sharpness and contrast. Generally, you can prevent potential eyestrain that happens due to bright light. It would be best to use it for precision activities such as golf, baseball, and tennis.
  • Red/Rose – Rosy are perfect for blocking blue light, and they are highly soothing to the eyes compared with other options that you can find on the market. Besides, you will achieve greater visibility while driving, while it is also an excellent option for computer users because they reduce strain due to screen time.

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  • Melanin – This particular pigment is perfect solution because it will protect your eyes against harmful sun exposure and aging that happens due to it.