Choosing The Ideal Penetrant System

Businesses everywhere make use of non-destructive testing (NDT) as a way to evaluate the properties present in different materials, structure, components, and more. It helps in the assessment of any possible defects or to figure out any prominent differences in them. There are different names that this testing takes, such as non-destructive inspection, non-destructive examination, and non-destructive evaluation. When it comes to NDT, there is a range of techniques followed for evaluation. One of the core methods of doing this is through penetrant systems. Let’s take a close look at what penetrant systems are.

What Is A Penetrant System?

A penetrant system is made use of to assess or inspect liquids of different varieties. Many businesses make use of this mostly because it is inexpensive and easy to administer. The application is made on items such as metals, ceramics, plastics, and almost every other non-porous material. It is used to inspect surface-breaking defects.

Steps to Performing a Penetration Inspection

When it comes to the application of the penetration system, six major steps take place. These include the pre-cleaning, application of the penetrant, excessive penetrant removal, drying, application of the developer, inspection, and then post-cleaning time.

Each of these steps is essential in making sure that the inspection is done accurately. By making sure that the steps are carried out accurately, there is a need for attention to detail. After the inspection is complete, it is vital to make sure that the surface is cleaned so that all the contaminants are eliminated from it.

What to Look for in an Ideal Penetrant System Service? 

When it comes to getting a penetrant inspection done, you must choose professionals to do this. While it may seem like an easy task to administer, it is necessary to have the right people on board to carry out the task for your business. So, what should you look for in an ideal penetrant inspection service?


Firstly, proper certification of the service providers is essential to make sure that the inspection will be done accurately. It will offer a sense of security when you know that the service has a viable certification in the field.


Experience of the business matters a lot. You want to make sure that the NDT equipment and the skills put into making this work are free of any faults. Going for services that have adequate experience in the field will enable a fault-free experience.


Quality and Specification 

Look for services that have been recommended by others for their quality and specifications. The more in-depth and detailed the inspection is, the better the quality of it. To ensure that your business materials are inspected effectively, you need to ensure that you get quality service. It is essential to hire an effective service for your penetrant inspection needs. ATH NDT has the relevant experience, skills, and knowledge about everything there is to do about NDT. With high quality and certified NDT equipment, your business’s penetration inspection line can be done with ease while offering you accurate results.