Common Causes for Heel Pain and Its Solution

Heel pain is one of the common pains in today’s world today. We are required to move a lot, especially for official purposes in formal shoes. The long queues and the uncomfortable trudge cause heels to pain and this pain seems to know no end. A large number of Americans today suffer from pain in their heels.

It is estimated that for each mile that we walk, our feet take almost 60 tons of stress. This takes a toll on the health of our feet. If you continue to ignore the pain and keep moving in pain, then you will very likely worsen the situation. The best way to get rid of this pain is to consult a specialist doctor who has the solution to your problems.

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Reasons for toe pain:

Here is a list of some of the reasons for toe pain

1- Plantar Fasciitis – this is one of the most commonly found reasons for heel injuries and pain. The plantar Facia is a strong ligament. It runs from the heel to the bone extending to the tip of the foot. If this fascia is stretched beyond normal then the fibres is inflamed.

The site of the pain is where the ligament and heel bone are attached. The adults aged 40-70 are exposed to the maximum risk of suffering from this condition. The risk increases if the job includes running and actively engaging the feet for long hours. Another class of people who are at the risk is pregnant women.

If you have shoes with no adequate amount of arch support, then you will be exposed to the risk of this condition. The best and first treatment is resting. Icing, bracing and the use of medicated drugs might be of help but your priority must be on resting.

2- Achilles Tendinitis – popularly named after the Greek hero Achilles, the Achilles tendon is the band of tissue, which connects the calf muscles with the heel bone. It is primarily used when we walk, jump push up the toes and do other activities of a similar kind. Tendinitis is caused most commonly in runners who have exposed themselves to long duration of workouts.

Microscopic tears develop in the tissue when it is stretched beyond the normal range. This tissue then thickens, weakens and gives a radiating pain limiting the range of motion of your feet. Like other injuries, resting, icing, bracing, etc the commonly home remedies.

Advanced remedies include OTC anti-inflammatories, Platelet-rich plasma injections, steroid injections and surgery in extreme conditions.

3- Heel Bursitis – Bursa is a sac which is filled with fluid. It is located at the rear end of the heel. Its function is to cushion the bone, muscles and ligaments. If you land hard on heels, then the inflammation caused by such a jerk can lead to pain and injury.


Heel issues have been rampant these days and if you do not treat them at the right time, they are bound to worsen. If you feel that you have such an issue, then you must consult an expert.