Communication Compliance In A Post-Covid World

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven significant changes in people’s lives. Governments worldwide have implemented stringent lockdowns and quarantine measures to impede the spread of the virus, resulting in people’s limited mobility. In addition, the pandemic and safety protocols brought a crisis to businesses in the initial days as economic sectors needed to step away from their long-standing conventional practices and shift to the work-from-home culture to continue with business operations. 

During the advent of the pandemic, communication was the most significant challenge for businesses. As employees started to work in a remote environment, the need for new communication methods began to emerge as physical meetings were no longer possible, and customers’ demand for a transparent, trustworthy, and secure communication channel increased. 

Even before the pandemic, organizations already have policies for communication compliance, ensuring that their operations are compliant with data protection regulations and record-keeping laws. Several businessesallow their employees to use their personal devices for business communication as part of their mobile compliance policies such as BYOD (bring your own device). Meanwhile, some firms issue company devices to monitor their employees’ activities more efficiently. 

However, in the work-from-home setup, employees, who do not have access to their company-issued devices, often use resources such as personal devices and other unapproved technology and systems. Such resources can make it difficult for organizations to implement compliance programs and execute supervisory efforts. 

By utilizing communication tools like mobile archiving solutions, businesses can efficiently and effectively implement their communication monitoring strategies. Various companies like TeleMessage offer mobile archiving solutions that enable capturing and archiving SMS, MMS, voice calls, and WeChat and WhatsApp chats and calls and ensures compliance to communication and record-keeping regulations. 

Furthermore, archiver tools only record the conversation from the employees’ business account in the mobile chat application. This ensures that their private discussions in other instant messaging applications are not being monitored. 

Here is an infographic from TeleMessage discussing the trends in communication compliance in a post-COVID world.