Content Creation Platform 101: How To Create A Unique Content For Your Business

In today’s age of technology, the internet, and social media, content creation platforms are the new marketing ground zero for businesses. Many companies scramble to produce their content on social media and other platforms. Others search the influencer marketplace to look for social media stars who can promote their products and services.

But the challenge many businesses face today is the content saturation on each content creation platform on the internet. Almost all create mukbangvideos, review videos, and so on.

The question is, how will your content stand out from the other video content? What will make it unique? This article will discuss some tricks and secrets behind one-of-kind video content for your business.

Types Of Video Content For Social Media Marketing

Businesses have many goals when they release video marketing campaigns.

Some businesses want to introduce new products, ergo brand videos and product commercials. Others want to educate through tutorial videos and how-to videos.

Here are the most common types of video marketing content on acontent creation platform:

1. Brand Films

If your goal is to present your brand, you can opt for brand films. Brand films are more than just a typical brand commercial. It introduces the brand in a deeper, personal, and more intimate manner.

More than selling the brand, its primary objective is to build emotional connection and engagement with the audience through story-driven documentary-like videos.

The video instils the brand’s mission, vision, core, and principles and relates them to the audience’s beliefs and motivations.

A great example would be Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches brand video in 2013. The video did not revolve around the product but on the message of how we see ourselves differently, focusing on our flaws; and how other people see us and our inner beauty.

In this kind of video, businesses do not necessarily need to search for an influencer in the marketplaceto promote the brand.

2. Demo Video

Before e-commerce became prevalent, home shopping shows have become a staple on some of our favourite channels. The host will show how the Japan-made knife sets work on vegetables, fruits, and raw meat, emphasising how sharp they are. They will demonstrate how easy it is to clean, sharpen, and store the knives.

Instead of narrating how the product works, the goal of the demo video is to show, illustrate, and exhibit what the product looks like in action. You can create them in a how-to video format or explanatory video.

You can see a lot of demo videos on each content creator platform.

3. Customer testimonial videos

The goals of testimonial videos are to put a face on the brand and product and build their credibility using the testimonials of clients and customers.

This video may feature one or many customers and clients praising and raving about the product and how it became a great help to them.

Some videos are done by real clients, giving their unscripted opinion about the brand and its products and services. Others get influencers from an influencer marketing platform or professional actors.

Besides telling the audience their positive experience with the product, the customer testimony videos also build trust among the audience; however, it all depends on the authenticity of the story and testimonials.

4. Behind-the-scenes

The behind-the-scenes videos or employer portrait videos aim to show the “real side” of the company by telling your company’s story and the people working in it.

These videos are powerful because it shows the amount of work involved in creating the product. It also exhibits human connection and builds trust. Most importantly, it gives more value to the products. Posting videos similar to this on a content creation platform can be helpful.

Here’s an example of a behind-the-scenes video from Yamaha showing how they refine the keyboard action of their grand pianos.

Now that you know the types of video content you can post on a content creator platform, it is time to learn how to make your video campaign unique and one of a kind.


The Secrets Behind A One-Of-A-Kind Video Content

The challenge in the video marketing campaign is that all companies create their brand videos, how-tos and tutorial videos, and behind-the-scenes stories. The question is, how can you make yours unique and stand out among other videos on the content creation platform?

Here are the secrets behind one-of-a-kind video marketing ads:

1. Set your goals

You can narrow down your options for video content type by setting up your goals. Your goals can be to introduce your brand or sell the product.

For example, if you want to introduce your brand more deeply and intimately, you can do it through brand and behind-the-scenes videos.

The brand video introduces the core, vision, and principles of the company, whilst the behind-the-scenes present the authentic, unscripted side of the company.

If you want to sell the product, behind-the-scenes videos will be ineffective. Instead, opt for customer testimonials. Get real customers or hire actors from the influencer marketplace.

2. Understand your audience

You cannot attain the goals you set if you don’t have the perception of your audience. The key is to understand your audience by placing yourself in their shoes.

How does your audience speak? What are they looking for? What are their fantasies?

By understanding your audience and getting their insights, you can create a video concept that is highly relatable, ergo building a connection to your audience.

3. Align with the marketing funnel

Every buyer has a journey, it is called the marketing funnel. The funnel has four stages: brand awareness, consideration, conversation, and loyalty.

The brand awareness stage is where you will introduce your product. The consideration is where you assert your brand as an option when shopping by educating them and answering their questions.

The conversion stage is where you encourage your audience to buy the product, and the loyalty stage is where you will nurture the connection with your audience.

The marketing funnel is a helpful guide forcontent creation on the internet platform.


In the content marketing game, the best strategy to stand out is to be different! You can start by following this guide.

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