Dangers of Buying a Home with Foundation Issues

Before buying a home that meets all the requirements it is mandatory to make sure that there are no issues with the house’s foundation. It is advisable to hire a structural engineer to inspect the property in order to find if the house needs any home foundation repair.

Buying a home is a huge investment so it is better to find out beforehand if there is an issue with its foundation as buying the home itself will be very expensive.

Signs to check in the house for any foundation issues

If the issue is not found in the initial stages, it may require a huge amount for the home foundation repair. Depending on the severity of the damage, it is advisable to take a thorough report from a structural engineer.

Some of the signs that need to be checked in the home include:

  • Look for foundation cracks, wall & floor cracks, and any other types of fractures that are to be the signs of the foundation issue
  • If there is a sinking issue or foundation settlement issue, get it checked immediately.
  • If the slab is moving in an upward direction, it may be because of the upheaval of the foundation.
  • If the door is sticking or not opening and closing properly then it may lead to home foundation repair.
  • If the kitchen cabinets or countertops seem to be tilting or moving away from the wall, that might lead to something wrong.

Common methods of home foundation repair

Most of the methods involved for a home foundation repair will result in a permanent solution and hence they can be approached without any doubt.

Some of such methods include:

·         Concrete piers

This method offers a long-lasting solution and this was extensively approached before the advent of steel piers.

·         Steel piers

This method is very easy to work with when compared to concrete piers and can be installed very quickly.

·         Helical piers

This works best when the soil conditions on which the home is built are known so that the installer knows how deep it can drive the pier.

·         Poly lift

The foam involved will not deteriorate over time and hence this type of method can be considered a permanent fix.

What will happen if the home has foundation issues?

Even though the foundation issue is a risk, it doesn’t mean that the whole house will crack and collapse at once. It is possible to live in a house that has foundation issues.

But the foundation issue can lead to the following problems eventually:

  • The walls will get cracks
  • The doors will be jammed and even the windows will experience the same
  • The floors will become uneven
  • There will be mold and water damage which can be rectified but it is better to check the foundation.


The property will be prone to foundation issues if it is built on expansive clay, and improperly filled soils. If there are tree roots growing too close to the home, that may also cause foundation issues. If the area in which the home is present will experience extreme seasonal changes.