Debunking Some of The Most Common Myths Regarding Raw Dog Food Diets

The argument over what is best to feed pets has become increasingly complex in recent years. So many myths surround raw food diets. To help even the score, we’ll discuss and dispel six common myths regarding raw dog food diets so that you can make well-informed choices concerning raw food for your pet.

Common Myths Regarding Raw Dog Food Diets:

  • Myth #1: Raw food is full of bacteria

This is one of the most widespread myths about raw food feeding. The danger of bacteria or contamination can be eliminated by feeding your dog properly prepared raw dog food. At Houston Raw Pet Food, for instance, we test for salmonella regularly and ensure that all of our food meets or exceeds all applicable regulations and guidelines. Besides, a dog’s immune system is well-equipped to deal with the many sources of germs and bacteria it encounters regularly. A manageable number of bacteria is harmless.

  • Myth #2: Raw dog food is very expensive

Raw dog food is slightly more expensive than kibble and other commercial dog diets because it is prepared with higher-quality and fresh ingredients. Nonetheless, it is cheaper than some of the overrated commercial dog foods. You can save money in other ways, for instance, by purchasing in bulk for a better price per kg. The health benefits of raw diets outweigh the financial expense. Health is priceless and must be protected at any cost.

  • Myth #3: A raw dog food diet comprises only of raw meat

A person unfamiliar with feeding raw may conclude that the diet comprises only of raw meat. However, this is very incorrect. Meat, bone, organ meats, veggies, and vitamins are the building blocks of a healthy raw diet for dogs and cats. The combination is crucial to ensuring that your pet gets all the necessary nutrients.

  • Myth #4: Raw feeding is complicated

Raw feeding, with the appropriate planning, is the simplest feeding method. Just decide on the right quantity of raw treats that you will be feeding your dog daily. Consider your dog’s age, weight, and activity level. Raw dog diets are normally delivered in ice boxes. Place them in your freezer immediately after receiving them. Following these guidelines will make you realize that raw feeding is the easiest.

  • Myth #5: You cannot feed raw and commercial foods at the same time

If you’re thinking of transitioning your pet to a raw diet, it’s best to do so gradually over a few weeks. However, avoid including raw food and kibble on the same plate. For instance, you can feed raw in the mornings and kibble in the evenings if you’re transitioning to raw. In addition, supplementing a pet’s kibble diet with raw food is inexpensive to improve your pet’s nutrition without switching him over to a raw diet.

Let Your Pet Enjoy Our Nutritious Raw Diets!

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