Decoration Hacks For Sweet Treats Bakery Goods

Embarking on the adventure of baking is a thrilling experience for a new baker. Baking brings pleasure and excitement until the first baking fail happens. Then, it’s a minor setback that pushes bakers to work even harder on their skills. A challenging aspect of baking is decoration. As a beginner, it is hard to master decoration techniques. Nevertheless, some hacks can help in mastering the decoration of sweet treats bakery goods. These hacks can take the baking game to another level.

Beginner’s Challenges In Baking

A beginner learns new lessons with every new recipe. Irrespective of whether it’s a hit or a miss, there are aesthetic factors to every sweet treat bakery item. The visual appeal is significant as much as the flavor and texture. Therefore, bakers need to work towards mastering cakes and cupcakes. The decoration is crucial to the client’s satisfaction and also for marketing purposes. However, this is easier said than done. It takes years or at least months of consistent practice to master the art. The main challenges that all novice bakers face are planning on decoration and choosing the right decoration supplies to nail the masterpiece.

Hacks To Master Decoration

To beat the decoration fails, there are a few simple hacks that most master decorators themselves started with.

  • Prepare the base

This is a vital step while decorating a cake and bringing it together. Freezing the cake and leveling it before starting with crumb coating makes it easier to work. Also, the frosting has a much smoother surface to stick on.

  • Choose appropriate piping nozzles

Piping nozzles come in various shapes and sizes and can be chosen as per the design requirement. Also, the type of frosting and icing chosen affects the outcome. At initial levels, frostings are easier to work with than royal icing as frostings are firmer and hold shape. However, icings are runny and need reasonable control.

  • Use sprinkles to turn cakes into art

It’s no wonder that frosting a cake is the first step to becoming a master cake decorator. However, ensuring no crumbs on frosting takes a few hits before the baker discovers his/her frosting technique. Meanwhile, this is a simple hack that can cover up uneven frosting in seconds. Use sprinkles liberally to form an art of its kind.

  • Use edible glitters

Edible glitters are becoming more and more popular as they brighten up sweet treats and bakery products. But a sparkling cake conquers all. A blast of glitter and colors is a food lover’s paradise.

  • Break monotony with molds

With tons of molds available in the market, decoration is becoming synonymous with modeling. Cakes and other sweet treats are breaking traditional forms and using molds to create miniatures of real-life engineering.


With various decoration supplies at dispensed, mastering decoration is no more burdensome. Instead, it has become a more fun and enjoyable experience while creating memorable masterpieces. Simple hacks when beginning with baking can help baker stay motivated and build their skills.