Details about applying visa to go to the UK

If you want to go out of the country you like generally you need the visa permit to study, work, travel or to be a family the same applies to the UK. There are different kinds of visas depending on the factors. They are,

  • The place you come from
  • Purpose that you want to go to the UK
  • Time duration that you want to stay for
  • About the skills and the personal circumstances

Before you are going to apply for the visa it is mandatory to check whether the UK needs a visa from your country if so what kind and type of visa you need to apply. Because generally the people who are writing the visa examinations they have to take the IELTS which include a1 english test and B1 listening and speaking tests. You might not need the visa because the UK lets some countries under those rules. So this speaks about the nationality.

What kind of visa you need:

There are three reasons that you need a visa to visit the UK. To spare the holidays or to see the family and friends, to make a trip for the business or meetings, to get married. If you get the visitor visa then you will not be permitted to get the job in the UK. And also for the visitors, the time limit for the visa is up to 30 days more than that people will no longer be allowed to stay there.

You need a visa if you are traveling through the UK on the way to another country. It means that having the layover between the flights. Then it is a must to apply for the visa to the UK. According to the course length, place, and type of your study will affect what visa you are applying for. There are mentioned as three categories,

  • Short-term study visa
  • General student visa
  • Child student visa

In the short-term study visa, you can study for 11 months when you are over 16 and learning an English course or you are permitted to study up to 6 months. In the general student visa, you can get longer-term. This required the sponsorship where you have to be sponsored by universities or colleges with certification and have a confirmed place to stay. After some period you can do some work with this visa.

In the child student visa, children from the year of 4 to 17 can study with the help of this visa in an independent school. When they reach the age of 16 they can do some work with this visa.

Investing or working in the UK:

There are different types of work visas, in that you can get a long-term basis or short term. Those depend on the skills and qualifications, having the job offer or the sponsorships, you want to bring the family with you these helps for the work visa. On the investor visa, you can start up the business and investing in the UK. This is also known as an innovator visa or startup visa. These the details about the visa to go to the UK.