Different Types Of Betting House Bonus

The vast majority of online betting companies employ their brokers to offer new users with opportunities. There are several different types of welcome bonuses, which is why we have categorized each one. Below we present a list with a short description of all the different types.

Free Bets

They are a fairly popular way to welcome new customers. Free bets consists of a sum of money that the bookmaker gives to the user to be used in his sports moves.

If you win, you can keep the win but not the original amount bet. Sometimes your winnings are returned without any requirements. However, there are opportunities in which you must play winnings before you can withdraw them.

Matched Bonds

A “Matched” bonus is a bonus that matches the size of the deposit you make, that is, 100% of it. It is commonly applied to the first deposit you make, but sometimes you can receive it in deposits later.

Recharge Bonds

Loyal customers are rewarded with a percentage of their deposit in a money bonus to bet online when they make a necessary number of bets every month/week at the bookmaker.

Special Agreements

Some betting sites allow you to reimburse certain losses in which you can do this instead of letting yourself lose a bet altogether.

The bookmaker presents you with certain situations with potential for some plays; in that case, any lost bet will be refunded; for example, if in the half-time of the match, the score is the same as the final result.

Loyalty Bonds

Many brokers offer loyalty schemes to their best customers. These come in various forms, but all are designed to reward what they consider a good customer.

Some of the most common are rewards for placing a certain amount of bets with established odds, as an example would be to make 10 bets with a probability of 2.00 or greater for a freebet of the gift.