Different Types Of Contact Lenses
Many people do not want to wear glasses. Some of their reasons are that it does not suit them, or it is uncomfortable to wear. Good thing there are contact lenses available to help improve your vision without wearing glasses. There are many types of contact lenses available in Singapore. Here are some of them:


Daily wear contact lenses in Singapore are one of the most well-known. You can wear it during the day and remove it at night to ensure the safety of your eyes. After you remove it, do not forget to clean it. If you do not have any use of the contact lens, you can dispose of it properly.


If you have eyesight issues, look for a contact lens online that can help you correct your vision. And a hybrid contact lens is available. Whether you are experiencing near-sightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness, this contact lens can help you. Do not forget to check with an eye care specialist first before buying one. If you want to get the same results using eyeglasses, a progressive lens is available in Singapore.



People also use a coloured contact lens in Singapore as part of their looks. You can use it for cosmetic purposes or to enhance your eye colour more. Some of it can change your eye colour, but every time you wear the contact lens only.


This contact lens is the opposite of the daily wear contact lens. You can use it for days without removing it while keeping your eyes safe. It is also good to wear even if you are sleeping. If you are searching for a contact lens online in Singapore, visit Better Vision’s website. You will see all the offers and products they have for their customers. They also have different types of lenses for glasses, like a progressive lens.