Do You Know Why Popularity of Hybrid Flooring is So High?

As its name suggests, in hybrid flooring, there are two different materials that are combined together. Here, the best properties of laminate and vinyl are perfectly blended for creating this ultimate flooring solution to be used for any of your rooms.

Usually, hybrid flooring will be comprised of 4 layers that will come together for creating this innovative new product:

  • Decorative layer
  • Top hard-wearing layer for surface
  • Pre-adhered backing layer
  • Waterproof core layers

689 Pty Ltdin Australia is the flooring company servicing Brisbane that can offer you the necessary installation service for this kind of flooring to your home. So, let us try to know on this post, why these floors are so popular.

  • Minimal contraction and expansion

Hybrid flooring is designed for combating therisks of any contraction or expansion and can very well withstandrapid temperature changes easily.

  • 100% waterproof

You can easily install hybrid floors in any wet area like bathrooms or kitchen as this flooring material is fully waterproof.

  • Durable and hard-wearing

If you have kids and pets then hybrid flooring will be quite durable where scratches, dents, or stains cannot develop easily.

  • Beautiful timber look

Its decorative layer can offer absolute resemblance to anyauthentic timber and nobody can identify it. All that at a very low price as compared to timber flooring.

  • DIY-friendly installation

They are available with user-friendly technology of tongue and groove, hence hybrid flooring installation can be easily done in a DIY way and need minimum equipment.

  • Suitable for extreme weather of Australia

The multi-layered construction of hybrid flooring will be very well suited to harsh sunlight and also extreme climates of Australia. Many other types of flooring can often expand or shrink under these settings.

  • Soundproof

Few floors can generate a certain hollow sound if you walked on them, however, hybrid flooring will be quite rigid and can help produce a very solid step with very little sound.

  • Eco-friendly composition

Hybrid flooring will consist of virgin PVC, limestone, bamboo dust, along with recycled wood, which is considered the best flooring choice as eco-friendly material.

  • Easy to maintain

There is no need for using any special cleaning products, polishes, waxes, or equipment for maintaining hybrid floors. With just a damp you can easily maintain sparkling floors.

  • Comfortable

The thick rigid construction of the hybrid floor will offer a dense and comfortable walking surface. Selecting a floor with anyattached underlayment can offer further additional cushioning.

  • UV resistant

With modern technology, the hybrid floor colours will not go away or get faded due to excessive exposure to sun rays.

However,for sanding old floor, hybrid floors will not be like wooden floors, where you can sand to remove scratches.

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