Do you Need a Smart Watch

Smart wearable devices are divided into two types. One is smart watch and the other is smart band. And what kind of smart wearable device do you need? It depends on your needs.

First of all, smart band and smart watches have many functions in common.

There are many kinds of detection of physical condition. First, the detection of work and rest time. Both can detect the user’s work and rest, such as the time to fall asleep,the time to wake up and so on. These are the most basic functions. Because many times, you don’t know what your state is like when you sleep. I once read a report that a person did not breathe for a minute because of snoring while sleeping. This kind of thing is unconscious.This state is abnormal. If this condition occurs, it is a physical problem.You need to consult a doctor. Both smart watches and smart bracelets can analyze whether this situation exists.Users can know their physical state.

Second, the recording of the state of exercise. We do not know where our limits are when we exercise. Sometimes we will hurt ourselves due to excessive exercise. At this time, we need smart watches to record various data when we exercise. With these data, we can better know the changes in our body. In order to know whether we have achieved the purpose of exercise, a reasonable amount of exercise can make us healthier.

There are many differences between smart watches and smart bracelets. A smart watch can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. For example, check incoming calls and read information. In many cases, we can’t check incoming mobile phone calls. If it is some unimportant calls, it may be fine. But if you miss some important calls and you suffer a loss, it is not good. This problem does not exist with smart watches. As long as you lift your wrist, you can see the phone number of the incoming call. You can choose whether to answer it or hang up. This is more convenient. In addition, many smart watches support more forms of information display, such as HONOR SmartWatch. It supports checking incoming call information. It supports checking your own reservation information, such as hotel reservations.

Recently, HUAWEI’s sub-brand HONOR has developed the British market. Smart watches have preferential policies in HONOR’s official website store. If you think these functions are useful and want to buy it, it is recommended that you buy HONOR SmartWatch on the official website. The authenticity is guaranteed.

If you use it to record your health status, the smart bracelet can meet your needs. But if you want to have a tool to assist the use of mobile phones, then a smart watch is your wise choice.