ENT Doctor In Singapore: 5 Health Problems They Cure

When people talk about their health, they think of their weight, flu, or cancer. But aside from these, you also need to think of your ear, nose, and throat. Do not forget to include the head and neck on the list. People experience ailments that concern these body parts, but with the help of an ENT doctor in Singapore, you can overcome them.




An ENT doctor cures different health problems in the ear, nose, throat, head, and neck. If you feel pain or discomfort in those body parts, they are the ones you can contact. They know how to check your situation using the tools they have in their clinic. With this, you can tell they can provide their patients with the correct treatment. But if you are unsure if you can trust them with your condition, here are the health issues they treat:





Have you ever encountered someone who has a problem with nose bleeds? They do not feel anything in their body, so they get shocked that blood is out of their noses. Sometimes, even if there is blood outside, they will not notice it until someone points the situation out.

The common causes of nosebleeds involve the weather and your overall health. If you are unaware of it, experiencing nose bleeds is possible. Contacting an ENT doctor can make you mindful of your health. To help you know the causes of nose bleeding, you can refer to the following:

  • Sudden hot weather occurrence
  • Nose picking
  • Nose bumps
  • You fell on something
  • Underlying nose infection

Aside from knowing the causes, also learn some nose bleeding treatments available at home. If the bleeding is sudden, you can breathe using your mouth. Some also touch the nose to stop the blood from running down.


People with flu or cold experience a blocked nose, making them difficult to breathe. So, they need to have a tissue beside them because they might sneeze and feel pain. You will also sense that something is running down your nose even if there is nothing. If you think you have a blocked nose, here are some of the signs you can check:

  • Pain inside and outside your nose
  • Your face feels like heating
  • Foods and drinks taste almost nothing

You can do home treatments if you do not want to check with a specialist yet, but ensure that you still visit one. You can start by keeping yourself hydrated and using a nasal saline spray. Some medications you can take should be from professionals to avoid worsening your situation.


Not many people know that ENT specialists also treat sleep conditions like snoring. They also handle sleep apnea cases in Singapore. But if you want to focus on the latter, you must know the symptoms, causes, and treatments for them. If someone tells you that you are snoring in your sleep, do not ignore it as it could be a sign of the illness.

Having a sleep condition can affect many things in your body, including your comfort during your rest. Instead of having a good sleep, you will wake up because you feel that your throat is dry and itchy. To help you notice it, some of the causes are the following:

  • It runs in your genes
  • You are a male
  • You are overweight
  • Drinking alcohol before sleeping
  • Airway problems

If you experience these, do not be afraid to visit a sleep clinic in Singapore. They are the ones who know what your condition is and what you can do about it. Some use oral appliances or continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP. However, not everyone undergoes these two treatments because it depends on the severity of your condition.




People who experience losing their hearing need to check with a specialist immediately. There might be something in their ears that requires medical attention, considering their hearing is already affected. If you are in the same situation, do not let the sign worsen by booking an appointment with your doctor. People experiences hearing loss for the following reasons:

  • Loud earphones volume
  • Head injury
  • Inner ear problems
  • Issues with your eardrums
  • Earwax buildup

If you are experiencing any of these, you need to control yourself from using earphones and other tools that could damage the ear. If you are also using cotton buds, it can push dirt inside. If it is already your habit after taking a bath, ensure that you only use it on the outer part of the ear.

Treatments are available, but you need the help of an ENT specialist. They need to check the inside and outside of your ear to distinguish the problem. It is the only time they can tell the correct procedure you need to undergo and when. For some, wearing hearing aids is the option.


You think you have a sore throat if you feel your tonsil is in pain and cannot speak properly. However, the situation could be different if it does not go away even after the flu. It could be tonsillitis if your tonsils look swollen and make you sick. Tonsillitis cases in Singapore are from viruses or infections from bacteria. You will know that you have tonsillitis if you are experiencing the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Fever

There are different treatments for tonsillitis, and some of them are available at home. However, checking with your doctor is still necessary to ensure that what you are taking is for your situation. If you want to do something with it, start by taking a rest and drinking medicine. Gargling warm water with salt is also helpful.

ENT specialists can do many things for their patients, especially in providing treatments. They can offer you procedures you can do in a hospital or at home, depending on your condition. What doctors do is not easy, so have a little background about them. You may look for an ENT specialist in Singapore at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre or visit the website of Dr Gan EngCern – ENT & Sinus Specialist.