Essential Planning Tips for Traditional MFC Wardrobes and Sliding Wardrobes

The installation of different types and designs of wardrobes basically depends upon the different preferences of the users. Some people prefer specific types of wardrobe designs that has drawers or pull-down rails whereas some prefer multiple doors system that provides the opportunities of easy and simple access of everything by the instant opening of a door. Whether door designs or drawer designs, both have pros and cons such as the drawers work pretty well, but in the case of multiple door system, if the doors are fitted a bit extreme left of the wardrobe, the doors may not function well in terms of pulling them out or while closing the doors. Similarly, in the cases of interior drawers or other pull out accessories, you need to install the frame and door first before fitting the interior.

In order to make the estimation of the approximate width of the individual door, take the actual or intended width once the framework is fitted, and then add 28mm which is an average of the estimation, and then divide the total by the total number of doors. Similarly, the maximum height of the door along with the tracks is 2500mm for series 725, 720 and 700. On the other hand, the maximum height for the 640-series door including the tracks is 2489mm. The wall strips, end panels, interior shelves and intermediate panels come with the largest practical size which you need to cut as per your requirement. The interior of sliding wardrobes works better if you compartmentalize them as one door exposes single or double hanging. You need to keep the rails and shelves below 1000mm in order to prevent sagging.

You can use various framing methods such as by fixing 135mm deep strip onto the walls and the wall strip either can wall bonded or you can attach with caps and screws. However, you will have to remove the skirting in this method. On the other hand, if you use scribe and return method you will have to just scribe around the skirting. The best method is to use batten by fixing to the ceiling and floor which will ultimately provide a strong flat surface in order to attach the tracks. Whatever, the framing method you can use, but the primary importance is the actual or predicted width and height. Most sliding systems available in the market are basically meant for a front frame which you can fit as per your requirement.