Exercise and Games for the French bulldog: they love to play

The French bulldog does not exactly stand out for being an athletic dog, but this does not mean that it is an active and playful dog. Like any dog needs his time of exercise not only for health but also for your happiness and burn energy since they enjoy going for a walk, discover new things, new smells, meet other dogs, etc. They get tired quickly, so you should never force them to exercise more than necessary and take special care.

Daily walks

Like any dog, the French bulldog and the Pug must enjoy his daily walks, not only to relieve, but also to move body and of course socialize with other dogs. There is no stipulated time, but it is recommended a 20/30 minutes log walk each day, may be twice a day would be more than enough.


If you have friends with dogs and you can meet them from time to time so that they play together and burn energy. In addition to the fact that both will exercise they will have a great time, as long as they get along well. They can also play with the dogs you know in your area or you can go to parks where they have specific closed areas for the dogs to play. Keep in mind that the Frenchie Dog is a very friendly dog.

Search and bring

If you teach him you can make your French bulldog run after a ball and bring it to you to start the game again. To teach it, you have to motivate him to bring it to you, and even do it with prizes when he gives it to you. Many times they catch the ball and do not want to release it, but if you teach them to bring it to you, they will surely have a much better time. If for whatever reason your French bulldog is not a fan of the ball, you can also play by looking for and bringing one of his favorite toys.

Games at home

During winter and rainy season, it’s time to play at home for a while, so that our French bulldog burns off energy and has a good time with us. There are specific intelligence toys on the market to stimulate their mind. You can also take the opportunity to teach tricks and commands such as sitting, lying down, giving the leg, and whatever you are capable of.