Factors Determining How Many Pages Can be Printed from One Cartridge

If you print a lot, you will realize that you’re always running out of ink and toner. To stock ink cartridges beforehand an individual needs to know how many pages his/her printer yields in a day or month. This way, you will know if you’re getting good value for your money, particularly if you believe your cartridges should have lasted longer.

Sometimes buying a cartridge from a non-authorized dealer also results in bad quality prints. Moreover, you may not know if the cartridge contains the proper amount of ink. Sometimes they claim to give you an XL cartridge, but the liquid inside is that of a standard size, resulting in spending more money on buying another cartridge in the same month.

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There are things you can do to increase the amount of printing before running out of ink and toner. However, before purchasing a cartridge, many people want to know exactly how many pages the ink and toner in it can print.

Several factors determine the number of pages a cartridge can print. 

  • The kind of documents being printed
  • The printer’s make and model, and age
  • The print setting that you use the most
  • Environmental circumstances
  • The cartridge’s age
  • The number of times you print
  • Some of the major factors that affect the page yield per cartridge are –


Older printers are less cost-effective than newer printers. Several cartridges are now available that are compatible with a wide range of printers. Its page yield is usually discovered by testing on new printers. Expect a decreased page yield if your printer is old. The same can be said with cartridges. Your toner cartridge will never expire if you have a laser printer. However, inkjet cartridges normally expire after two years and sometimes dry out before time.


Most printers feature a variety of modes and settings that you can use to minimize wasting ink and toner.

For example:

  • Instead of printing in high quality, black and white papers are printed in “Draft” mode.
  • When printing from websites or emails, double-check your settings, as well as the background pictures.
  • To save money on color cartridges, print in black and white by choosing ‘grayscale’ instead of using color cartridges.

Printer Model

All offices and homes have ink or laser printers. These printers employ two separate types of cartridges (toner and inkjet) and function differently over time. If you’re using an inkjet printer, keep in mind that environmental conditions may have a greater impact on page yield. Page yield and print quality may be affected by inadequately sealed ink cartridges, dry weather, and infrequent printing. However, that may not be the case with toner cartridge because it is in powder form, unlike ink cartridge which is in liquid form.

Often people try to buy cartridges in bulk to save money or buy a larger size than required. Instead of wasting ink by drying it, it is wise to know your usage capacity in a month. This way, you can choose the kind of cartridge and size required.