Factors Determining Why Renting a Generator Is Beneficial Than Buying One

Keeping a generator backup is a must for both commercial and personal purposes. It is mainly for an emergency when there is a failure of the main power source. They are a powerful and efficient alternative for producing electricity. However, you may be confused if renting a diesel generator would be beneficial or just buying one would be good.

The need for a generator depends on the first question; Is it a standby or a prime mover? Industries like Hospitality services, construction projects, and events managing companies need a rented generator since they need it for the short term. Moreover, choosing a generator depends mainly on factors like:

  • Dependability
  • Your financial capability
  • The date and duration of need

Comparing the cost overview between buying and renting

Once you know the type and kind of generator you need, you can then decide on buying one or renting it.  Calculating the total time that you need the generator and multiplying it with the monthly cost of renting it will give you the total rental cost.

You may compare this with the total cost of buying a generator including site preparation and installing it. If the rental cost is almost close to buying one, you might think of purchasing one but first, let us assess other factors why hiring a generator could be a better option.

Advantages of renting

  • Renting a diesel generator benefit to all business owners and to owners who are in the business of renting generators.
  • In times of an emergency, the option of renting a generator is always available and feasible. It will take less time to rent rather than buying one
  • If you wish to buy, you will first have to do quite a bit of research before making such a high-end investment.
  • Renting a generator reduces initial investment
  • If you rent a generator, the amount of buying one can be used for other purposes.

Unlike early days, diesel generators that are manufactured now make less noise, durable, dependable and cost-wise are quite easy to maintain. Active Generator Rental specialises in renting such generators in Singapore. Whether you need a portable lightweight and compact generator or a heavy-duty one, they offer a one-stop solution for your needs. They also provide cables and switchboards, electrical panels, plugs and sockets, all essential supply equipment with a crew to help.

Their generators are weatherproof hence, they can withstand harsh climates and can be kept outdoors. They are tried and tested for excellent performance ensuring extreme operating capacity and maximum energy capabilities. The friendly staff of Active Gen Rental is always around to help and guide in case of any assistance required. They have expert engineers who would advise you perfectly for your needs.

The flexibility of choosing generator size

Renting a generator is an ideal option if your requirement is for a short period. If your project is for the long term then the size of generator you will need might be the same for a longer period.

However, if your need is for a specific project then a rental offers you the flexibility of choosing the generator size you need for every project. You will not have to manage with just one size or buy multiple generators.

If your need for a generator is for a construction project or a special function or event then it makes sense to go for a rented one than buying one that will be kept unused after the project is over

Free Installation and maintenance

  • Generators on rent usually have multiple options for configuration like different connection points, switches, and advanced control panels. These are quite useful for multiple usage.
  • You will not have to do the installation and other miscellaneous things of the generator. Everything will be taken care of by the rental company.
  • Any kind of maintenance or breakdown will also be taken care of by the rental owner. You can remain free from all such activities.

Back in business on time even if the generator is down

If you buy a generator and it breaks down, you will have to deal with all problems right from booking a call to getting it repaired. In the meantime, your work gets hampered as the only backup provider is down. The repair might also take a considerable amount of time. However, if a rented generator breaks down, it can be replaced quickly by the vendor so that you are up and running in the shortest time possible.

Therefore, choose a reliable rental company for hiring a diesel generator with a good track record. Choose a company that offers free installation, maintenance, and proper repair services of the diesel generator whenever needed.