How long will my installation take?

As with many problems, it will depend on the size of the driveway, paved section or path, and the scope of the work being performed. However, the average resin driveway DIY installation can be done in 3-5 days, but this may vary depending on the time and curing time. The installations of a small terrace and paths where the resin is simply covered can be done in a day.

What if the weather is bad during installation?

If anything can be trusted, UK time is unreliable! Preparatory work can be done over a wide range of normal weather variations, but the actual placement of the finished resin should be done in dry weather to ensure it cures properly.

What should I prepare before installation?

The only preparation you need to do is make sure that the existing driveway, paved patio, or path is clear of objects such as vehicles, flower pots, benches, or the garden (general barriers) and provides access. electricity and water. We take care of the rest!

The installation area contains the manhole cover, is this a problem?

No, that’s not a problem. During the investigation phase, locate the existence of manholes and they will be carefully resolved as part of the installation, ensuring that they do not diminish the finished product, preserving accessibility and friendliness.

Can I change the resin color or the combined design?

Yes, you can change the design or color of the resin until we start or when you choose resin driveway DIY. Please note that we must order materials before installation begins, and last-minute changes may interfere with times and prices. If necessary, quotes will be amended based on all changes.

My resin installation is damaged. Can it be repaired?

Installing your resin should be time-consuming, without requiring repairs, but in the unfortunate case of something happening to you, there are ways to fix and fix it.

Do I need a building permit to install the resin?

You do not need a building permit to install the permeable resin surface, as it meets the requirements of the LDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage).

How long can I drive or walk after installing the resin?

Generally, you can walk on the resin surface after 4 hours and drive after 24 hours of using resin driveway kits . Depending on the ambient temperature during installation, these times may increase slightly.

Does resin stink?

During the installation and curing phase, the resin has a limited odor, but once the surface is cured, there is no odor.

How does the resin surface react to ice?

The resin driveway kits used during installation is a polyurethane-based resin, which is not only incredibly strong but also flexible. This means that the surface can expand, so any freezing that occurs between the aggregates will not cause damage to the total surface.

Can you put the resin on the existing surface?

It depends on the type and condition of the existing surface on which it is placed. Resin surfaces should always be placed on a stable and solid surface. Although it is possible to put resin on existing surfaces, it may mean that the finished installation is no longer compatible with LDS.