First aid: burns with boiling water

According to Erste-Hilfe Kurs Führerschein a burn is an acute injury to the skin and the tissues underneath it. The injury occurs from radiation, electric shock, chemical agents, after temperature exposure. At home, burns by boiling water occur most often.

Burn Degrees

The method of burn treatment is chosen by the doctor depending on the degree of damage to the skin.

Erste Hilfe Kurs trudering says that for burns with boiling water, the first degree is characterized by lesions only of the upper layers of the skin, accompanied by redness and slight swelling.

The second degree is accompanied by blisters filled with a cloudy liquid.

With third-degree burns, not only the skin is affected, but also the muscle tissue.

The fourth degree of burns with boiling water is rare. This is a deep lesion of the skin and muscle tissue up to the bones with charring of the latter.

The main stages of first aid

Erste Hilfe lehrgang teaches that during the first minutes after an injury, the victim panics is at a loss and in a state of shock. And he and those around him need to remember the basic rules of action for burns with boiling water – first aid is given in the following sequence:

  1. Take off wet clothes, the most dangerous fabric is synthetic. Don’t be afraid to tear the fabric, get rid of it in the first seconds – tear, cut with scissors, trying not to hurt the bloated bubbles.
  2. Place the affected area under a medium pressure of cold tap water. You can fill a suitably sized container if you need to cool the hand or foot. The water will reduce pain, reduce swelling, and cool the tissues closest to the injured area.
  3. After 15 minutes, blot the injured area with a lint-free cloth, and apply a sterile dressing. The latter should not rub and pressure, especially if there are blisters.