Five Useful New Technologies For The Next Generation  


There have been so many amazing advancements in technology over recent decades that it hardly comes as a surprise anymore when yet another revolutionary new gadget pops into the scene. A lot more surprising is the sheer amount of them, growing in number on daily basis, though also what they can do.

  1. Glasses-free 3D Displays

Big computer tech companies like Asus and Acer have developed displays for laptops and PCs that can project an image right out of the screen without any need for 3D glasses. Using a specialised OLED display and eye-tracking technology, the potential use for designers and developers, as well as in gaming and other forms of digital entertainment, is huge.

  1. A Quantum Leap For Televisions

If you thought OLED or micro-LED were the latest and greatest TV and monitor display technologies, well you were sorely mistaken. Introducing QLED, or Quantum dot LED. QLED TVs employ nanocrystals and ultra-fine semiconductor materials to generate highly precise colour particle dots that can adjust at quantum-level velocities. This produces a far greater range of colours, brightness and depth, a longer overall device lifespan, and unlike OLED, is completely immune to burn-in.

  1. Cheaper & Better-Quality Budget Smartphones

With the release of TCL’s 40 Series and Samsung’s Galaxy A15 5G all signs are pointing to an increasing interest in the budget phone market by the major smartphone manufacturers. The greatest benefit to this is that each generation of budget phone is simultaneously becoming more affordable, while gaining better-quality features and components.

Though there will aways be those who simply must have the latest and greatest high-end devices for playing at Big Dollar, the vast majority of phone-users will be very pleased with this development.

  1. Work, Exercise, & Recharge

In a day and age of growing energy-concerns, energy-saving devices have become increasingly popular and necessary. Likewise, as our lives steadily become more and more busy, saving time is another very common need. 

Now, new innovations such as the eKinect BD bike desk allow multi-tasking on a whole new practical level. This brilliant device not only lets you comfortably use your laptop, tablet, or phone, while getting your daily dose of exercise, but the exercise itself also charges your devices, adding a whole new practical and worthwhile incentive to the mix.

  1. Haptic Feedback Devices

Haptic feedback devices are not only incredible handy for the visually impaired, but they are also becoming useful in a whole host of other new and innovative ways. From game-controllers and VR, to driving aids, to physical therapy, and more, haptic feedback adds a new dimension of functionality to devices using our sense of touch and vibration. 

Trends On The Rise

These are just a few of the latest technology trends, adding to what is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what is still to come. As technology continues to progress at an exponential rate, in the next few years, we are likely to see a whole lot more ground-breaking devices and technology, bringing us fully into what many are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution.