Fly Fishing For Recreational Therapy

I am a Recreational Therapist, so basically depending on the people I’m working with, I’m either helping them recover in some way whether it be from trauma, physical situations, cognitive issues, addiction, and the list goes on and on. To make it simpler, I’ve worked with dementia patients, veterans with PTSD, people who are in some kind of addiction recovery, and prison inmates who have just been released to a halfway house or something of that nature.

It’s not as common for there to be male Rec Therapists, but here I am. It’s great, because sometimes our male patients respond better to male therapists, since they often don’t feel like women enjoy what it is they’d prefer to do. In this case, a lot of my patients want to go fly fishing, and many of the female therapists never have. It just works out.

My patient list kept growing with male patients from all different walks of life. Most of my caseload had one thing in common: they all enjoyed fly fishing. There were 8 men who enjoyed this sport specifically, typically in the life they led prior to wherever they were in life now. Even with the memory impaired, it sparked something. It was like muscle memory.

A lot of the gear was donated, or if the families of the patients had anything they used in the past, they’d bring it to wherever the patient was living. It was really a great situation. The only issue was transporting these fly fishing rods. I disliked the idea that they would be in the car with us. That could present a danger depending on the person who was in the vehicle with me really in any given situation.

It finally occurred to me that I needed something to hold these fly fishing rods when we went on our mini excursions. I did some research on the internet to see what I could find under this subject. I honestly wasn’t even sure that they existed. I was pleased to find out that they did indeed.

I found Trouts Fly Fishing, who I had purchased some things from in the past and had been quite happy with. I specifically bought my last fly fishing rod from them, and learned a lot through their resources about the sport of fly fishing. Their Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier seemed like the right solution for this situation.

Since I was a fly fisherman myself, I chose to go ahead and purchase the carrier that holds 4 fly fishing rods. There may be times in the future where I take a small group, maybe 2-3 patients out to fly fish together, based on their progress trying it out with just me.

It’s been a great success to help transport these rods. The installation was easy, there were no issues during any travel, and most importantly, it was a way to keep my patients safe, which is of my utmost concern. I’m really thankful to have found this product and would recommend it to anyone.