Four Distinctive Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement

Your home is your prized possession and most likely your most expensive asset. You want to protect your family, and you need your home structurally sound to do that. Your roof is an integral part of keeping your home and your family safe from the elements, and a weakened roof due to damaged or missing shingles can be a real problem. Not only can it be a real problem for the safety of your family, but for the structure itself. If, at some point, you see these four signs that your roof needs replacing, you can trust roof replacement in Arlington, TX.

Shingles that curl


Curling shingles is not a good sign. This is just one of the signs that your roof is getting old. And, with age, your roof is going to experience some problems. Curling shingles are letting you know that your roof has the chance for letting in water into your home, and when that happens you will have roof damage and you’ll have a dent in your budget due to the possible wood rot that could be there as a result.

Missing granules and bare spots showing up

Granules are there to help protect your roof. As your roof ages, and from complications due to the heat and cold, those granules start to go away. That lessens the protective ability of your roof. In addition, bare spots are there as a result of the granule loss. When this happens the shingles begin to rot away. That leaves your roof in a weakened condition. That leaves your roof without the proper protection and that can lead to your roof rotting. You want to catch this problem before it becomes too late. But, when you need to get your roof replaced, you’ll want to call roof replacement in Arlington TX.

Missing shingles

As your roof ages, you need to be aware of signs that it may be getting time for your roof to be replaced. You’ll need to look to see if shingles are missing. This is a real problem for any roof. Entire chunks or entire shingles that are missing leave your roof exposed to the elements. It becomes very easy for water to not only enter the attic of your home, but enter the interior of your home too. This can cause serious structure damage.

Not only can it cause serious structure damage, but now your home will have standing water where mold can grow. Sometimes that mold can grow undetected. That mold not only is weakening the wood to your roof but it is going to cause a serious health problem as well. You need to be aware if you see total shingles missing from your roof. If you see this, you need to take action to make sure those shingles are replaced before it’s too late.


The flashing on your home can become stressed over time and not seal the way you would like it too. Flashing around the chimney, the eaves, and skylights of your home can be pulled away by the expansion and contraction due to heat and cold. When this happens, your roof is weaker as a result. This can also be due to the age of your roof. The older it gets the more maintenance it’s going to need.

Always be aware of these signs that your roof may need to be replaced. Don’t wait for it to get worse. And, when you need that roof replaced, you can count on roof replacement Arlington TX.