Gift-Giving Guide: 7 Ways to Make Your Personalised Newborn Gifts Special

Babies are a gift because they add happiness and influence other family members, with their laughter. Indeed, all babies deserve the love and care they deserve, not only from their parents but from other extended family members like uncles, aunties, cousins, and even godparents. One of the most heartwarming things is looking for personalised newborn gifts. You can shop online or visit a physical store to find the perfect gift for the baby.

For sure, it’s worth the effort when you see the baby smile once they receive the gift. Although they can’t speak and their emotional reaction is not yet developed, your behaviour towards a  newborn will impact their upbringing. Now, if you’re planning to give a gift, here are some tips you need to remember to make it more special and memorable.

Gift-Giving Guide: How to Make Your Presenting Gift Memorable and Special

Gift-giving is one of the ways you can show your love and care to a person. But, what makes it unique is giving a baby a gift. It’s more special because a baby is a precious human being who is new to the world. They are still innocent, and their smiles are genuine. As they say, kids don’t lie. If you’re an uncle, auntie, or godparent, here are some gift-giving tips to make your personalized baby gifts in Singapore unique and memorable.

1) Consider Your Budget

As someone who will give a baby a gift, remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can give a gift that will be memorable through customized baby gifts in Singapore. The more personal it looks, the more it can signify the recipient’s personality. For this reason, you don’t need to go outside your budget. You can find many meaningful gifts that are not too expensive because they are cheap yet memorable.

Now, as you give your niece or nephew, you can browse more options by looking at an online store. Also, don’t forget to prioritise the quality over the quantity as it can affect the baby’s health. Nonetheless, gift-giving for a baby is all about the intention rather than the budget.

2) Pick the Best Season or Right TIming

When giving a baby a gift, you need to pick the best season and the right timing—for instance, a birthday celebration, holidays, life milestones, etc. Although there’s nothing wrong with giving them at random times, it can be more heartfelt once you provide them during special occasions. For this reason, you need to give a baby more personalised gifts to make the gift-giving more special.

Also, opening the gift is an essential part of the whole process. There’s joy in unboxing a box, especially from a loved one. It feels magical and wonderful that you can feel valued when opening a gift.

3) You Can Give Cash

Some people are not good with giving personalised newborn gifts, so what they do is give cash. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure to put it inside a wrapper or the red envelope, also known as Ang Pao in the Chinese tradition. It’s also a good thing because the parents can use the money to buy the needs for the baby like milk, clothes, medicines, etc.

When giving cash, also consider the amount. Perhaps, you can give a hundred to thousands of dollars. Better yet, ask the parents about the appropriate amount for the baby. You can also consider the event. If it’s the baby’s birthday, you can give more cash.

4) Ask About Their Needs

The best way to know what to give is to ask about their needs. Don’t hesitate to ask the parents what the baby needs, especially if you’re the uncle or auntie. Once you request the parents, you can find the perfect gift for the baby. If, for instance, the baby wants new clothes, you can look for personalised baby hampers and add something new to their wardrobe.

Another benefit of asking what the baby needs is that you can never go wrong with your choice. It’s a waste of money if, eventually, the gift is unusable for the most part. What if they don’t need a new toy because they have a lot at home? Due to this, it will not be as memorable and extraordinary as other toys.

5) Re-Gift Items

Yes, you can’t re-gift items; there’s nothing wrong with it. Since the world is facing climate change issues, you can start by being more environmentally friendly with your gift-giving activities. Instead of buying new ones, you can re-gift an item from other people. Or perhaps, you can make customized baby gifts in Singapore from random materials. Customised items can stand out against other gifts, so make your gift unique.

However, when creating your customised gifts, make sure to look for materials that are safe for babies. Avoid items that are hazardous with chemicals and sharp objects. This way, you can ensure the baby’s safety.

6) Give them Photo Albums

Babies grow fast! A year from now, they will be able to walk, talk, and play with other kids. And for sure, parents want to cherish this moment through photographs. So, when giving a baby more personalised gifts, you can consider giving them photo albums. You can ask permission from the parents about which image you can use for consent.

Other than this, you can also design the photo album to make it more creative and unique. The parents will surely keep these photos in their treasure box and show them to the baby in the future.

7) Consider the Holiday Season

Most importantly, consider the holiday or occasion before giving a gift. This way, you’ll know the appropriate personalised newborn gifts for the event. For Christmas, you can look for Santa Claus-themed items and quirky and fun during their birthdays. As you consider the holiday season, you’ll be able to get the season’s essence and make the gift more special.


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