Glo Brings Pilates Online To Your Living Room

Have you ever wondered how professional dancers achieved their long and lean muscles? One method is called Pilates. The practice involves precise movements that challenge the mind and body. After the moves, you will stretch out each muscle so that they remain strong and flexible. Many of the moves begin by activating the core of your body, which is around your stomach and lower back.


It is possible to learn Pilates online through Glo. Glo is a website that offers course work in Pilates, yoga, and meditation. The benefits of using Glo’s platform are you can train on your own schedule and at your own pace. There is no need to scramble to get to gym class, find a parking spot, or skip workouts because you just do not have the time. There are many instructors on Glo, so you will never get bored, and there are classes for every fitness level. The program grows with you.


Learning Pilates online is good for beginners because they can repeat any section as many times as they need to. In a traditional gym class, the teacher must move on, with or without you. You can also stop the workout at any time, and take a break. Instructor Kit has put together a 15-minute core routine geared towards individuals new to Pilates. She will teach you how to engage your core muscles and the base movements, such as rollups. The work is basic enough for people new to core work, but it can be challenging for veterans too.


If you want to build strength and length, Glo’s Pilates online section offers classes that utilize stretchy bands. The bands are lightweight so you can throw them in a suitcase or backpack. Glo has made their productions portable too. If you want to take your Pilates work on vacation with you, download your videos to a tablet or phone. The creators wanted to provide workouts for real-life situations, and making them user-friendly was just one thing they brought to the table.

The Pilates’ strength classes can grow with your muscles. As you develop, pull in the bands. The shorter bands will be tighter and harder for you to work against. Doing Pilates online means you have control and can customize the work to fit your energy level, body type, and goals.


Pilates keeps you healthy and moving by enhancing range of motion. Flexibility is important throughout all stages of life, but as we age, tendons and joints tend to stiffen. Instructor Anula will warm-up your body and prepare it for a thorough stretch. She will help you release your spine, loosen tight hips, and relax tense shoulders. Her class is under 30 minutes, and to perform it, you will want a thick comfortable mat and a sturdy strap. She recommends a yoga strap, belt, or a towel to help you get the full benefit of the movements.

Pilates for Pregnant Women

This form of exercise can keep you active during and after your pregnancy. After having your baby, Pilates online is the perfect way to squeeze in some gentle daily movement between naps and feeding. Your schedule will be pressed, but Glo put together a group of instructors and videos to address every area of pregnancy and postnatal care. Several of the videos focus on preparing for birth; they cover breathing techniques and mind-body exercises. When your physician gives you the go-ahead to work out harder, Ms. Kit has a 45-minute calorie-burning, muscle-tightening Pilates workout ready for you. With Glo, you can always go at your pace, on your own schedule, and in your style. Try out the meditation app the next time you need an all in one workout solution for your mind, body, and soul.